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What the hell are you doing at home?Homeboy and Homegirl in Bangkok (In Room).
Baek Seong-ha  |  timidsohot@naver.com
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Updated : 2015.09.11  16:43:31
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  When you read this article, check what you think goes for you.
  □ If I have no appointment, I don’t wash.
  □ If possible, appointments are in weekdays, at one time.
  □ When I must go out, it is for a task.
  □ The word I most frequently say when I go out is, "I’m out anyway"
  □ I rarely meet friends, not because I hate meeting them but because I’m just annoyed.
  □ When I meet friends, I hang out well.
  □ When I go out, I go home late.
  □ I sleep all day, and I can sleep more.
  □ I’m very happy when I do nothing at home.

  If you check more than five out of the nine, you are already a homeboy or a homegirl. When you say, "I’m kind of a homebody”, people think like this. "Aren’t you bored when you are just at home? Maybe you are introverted and passive. Do you have only a few friends? Are you nonsocial? Maybe you are a hikicomori." The most common response is negative. I will introduce these people’s hobbies and will break these prejudices. Let’s see what they are doing at home.
  +)hikicomori: Person who can’t be accustomed to social life and usually stay at home.

1. Nano Block makes us feel the need to collect
  A toy has gained popularity recently. It is a Nano block is targeted at kidults! Nano block is similar to Lego but is smaller than Lego, as its name implies. Nano block doesn’t need physical ability, but it needs a lot of concentration. This is becoming widely popular with people because Nano blocks are more fun and easier than puzzles. The fun and good points about Nano are that it enables you to gather small pieces and make a form. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment, and improves your concentration. When you make a Nano block, you might sit down for a long time because you don’t want to stop making a block. This is why you might feel pain in your eyes or a backache. Someone says it is childish because most Nano blocks represent a character figure. However, I think it would be a lot of fun to make my favorite character. If you make a character, you probably will want to make his or her friends. Thus, more and more Nano blocks are likely to be placed on your desk and you will be immersed in a swamp of Nano block.
 - Price: ₩5900 ~ (in Social commerce the lowest price is ₩2450 + delivery charge)
 - Required time: 20min ~

2. Jigsaw Puzzle, united we stand, divided we fall
  What is a Jigsaw Puzzle? Most of people know about a puzzle, but don’t know about jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles don’t have a puzzle board, which makes it possible to remake them. On the other hand, the bad point is that you must buy a frame if you want to keep a perfect puzzle. The theme of jigsaw puzzles is usually a famous painting, a landscape painting, animation, or any illustration. Moreover, you can make a puzzle by using a special picture or your favorite picture. You can cultivate concentration and endurance in doing the jigsaw puzzle by completing them. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment when you finish a jigsaw puzzle. In addition, if you do this with family or friends, you all share a close bond with one another.
 - Price: ₩15000 ~ (for 1000 pieces)
 - Required time: 5hours ~ (for 1000 pieces)

3. Pipo Painting; making my house into a gallery
  Most people have probably dreamed of becoming a painter. However, it is difficult to take art lessons as a hobby. I’d like to introduce Pipo Painting, for those of us who don’t have artistic talent, think arts materials are expensive, but want to learn how to paint anyway. Pipo painting is known as, ‘DIY drawing famous pictures’. It consists of a canvas with a design and numbers, brushes, and paints with serial numbers. If you paint in the order of the numbers on the canvas, your painting will be completed. The good point of Pipo painting is that anyone can paint a famous painting easily regardless of their artistic talent or expertise. Then the painting can be used for an interior prop. We can feel happy at hanging up a Pipo painting at our house. It makes your house into a museum or an art gallery.
 - Pirce: ₩18000 ~
 - Required time: 2days ~

  Gachon Herald has so far placed outside activities in the ‘Experience Section’. At first, I chose camping for a topic, but I couldn’t deal with the topic on account of ‘MERS’. Therefore, I decided to introduce a hobby for people who like staying at home like me. Also, active people will get bored at home. When infectious diseases are around, when you are ready to go out quickly, when your plan suddenly gets cancelled, or when you have no plans and get bored, let’s have fun at home with little cost, instead of feeling stuffy and low.

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