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Finally Speak
Lee Hyun-Young  |  rjfbch@naver.com
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Updated : 2015.09.11  17:19:33
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

  ‘Xenophobia’. Many Koreans still suffer from this disease. When foreigners on the street ask you for directions, most people are frightened and avoid them, saying "Sorry, I do not know." The same is true for university students who are planning to travel abroad and want to be an exchange student. But there is a site that can help overcome this. It is 'Finally Speak', which is a website in which you can study while feeling like you’re having a conversation with foreigners. Now, let's look at Finally Speak of which the goal is to allow as many students as possible to learn English as naturally as possible.
  First of all, I want to briefly introduce the producer of this website before looking at the website. Surprisingly, this website is created by a Korean student attending medical school in the United States. He recognized the problems of the English education system in Korea by suffering through a lack of English communication ability for a few years as an immigrant. So he set up this site with his American friends. Thus, Finally Speak is more aware of the faults of Koreans than any other English study website.
  This website is largely composed of three types of content. Everyday Conversation deals with the expressions that Americans use most often in their life. Short Answer Based deals with the short-answer expressions that Americans use most often in conversation. Lastly, General Situation Based deals with the conversation of what happens often in the United States. It consists of important proper expressions a certain situation in turn when you click the chapters. Then click here to view the detailed description of the situation and view YouTube videos. The video shows a conversation with native speakers with subtitles at first. Second, it shows the same conversation again without subtitles. Third, it gives you time to talk by watching subtitles. Finally, it gives you time to talk without subtitles. You can feel like you have actually talked to a foreigner at this time because foreigners on the screen gesture with facial expressions. In other words, you can achieve self-confidence in English conversation while repeating a short conversation four times. This is the only special thing about this website. In addition, at the bottom of the video are shown not only the video scripts but also a detailed description of the pronunciation. Additionally, if you have any questions, you can ask questions through the Facebook page.
  It is natural that we have difficulty using English in real-life because we have been accustomed to the English education system in Korea since childhood. However, the most important thing is the challenge, whether you are good at English or not. Let's boost our confidence about English conversation by making use of this website. You will soon be able to find yourself talking to foreigners, and breaking out of xenophobia.

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