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Studying English in Gachon Herald!
Kim So-Hyun  |  kate5825@naver.com
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  Gachon University has many programs related to English. For example, they manage the Global Zone, TOEIC camps during vacations, and TOEFL camp. Also, we can study English through the articles in Gachon Herald. Reading Gachon Herald has many advantages such as being informed of our university’s news, social issues, movies, books, and new experiences recommended by Gachon Herald.
  First, I’d like to introduce Gachon Herald because many students don’t know what it is. On October 24th 1984, Kyungwon Eagle was established. In 2012, we changed the name to Gachon Herald owing to the unification of Gachon University. From the 109th edition to the 127th edition, we have been working hard with Online Magazine. Gachon Herald is posted 4 times a year, usually in March, June, September, and December. Before posting the articles, we go through the process of coming up with ideas, agenda conference, writing articles in Korean, revising articles, writing articles in English, and proofreading and editing.
  Except for posting news articles, we perform various events. In the first semester, there is a recruitment of junior reporters, English newspaper inauguration ceremony, and Gachon Herald’s summer LT. In the second semester, we are pretty busy recruiting junior reporters, celebrating English newspaper’s foundation day, retirement ceremony and winter LT. Through these events, we strengthen our responsibility and attitudes as a reporter, and have the chances to build up close relationships among reporters. 
  Since it is an online newspaper, in fact, it’s difficult for students to contact Gachon Herald. Many students don’t know what Gachon Herald is unless they search for our website. However, the easiest way to study English on campus is to read our newspaper articles. We want to write better reports by referring to student’s opinions. From now on, we’ll make efforts to approach many students. I hope students find an interest in Gachon Herald and read many useful articles.
  *In the second semester, 2015, we will recruit junior reporters for 2 weeks after school starts. Junior reporters will be interviewed on September 18th. Please be free to apply.
 *Gachon Herald Facebook address:

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