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With IT support, A Smarter School Life!The privileges of a college student, free office programs and education discount store.
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  These days, it is no exaggeration to say that college students do most of their homework by computer. When we work on a school project by computer, we need a program. That’s Office. The Office program has PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, and more. But it is difficult for students to buy these programs. Microsoft allows students to install the programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and have access and install it on up to 5 computers or laptops through ‘Student Advantage’ education promotion. Microsoft also supports One Drive, a free cloud service for students with 1 TB of storage capacity. This is more than three times the storage capacity than Naver N-drive which is a similar service.
  If you are a Gachon University student, you can use these useful programs for free. First, access the Gachon University homepage and log in. Second, you have to access Gachon-mail and click the web mail button at the top of the webpage. Copy your mail in the upper-right corner of the mail page. Third, you should connect to <http://www.office.com/getOffice365> and click on 'Check up whether I am eligible’. Then it goes on to the registration page. Fourth, you must enter the Gachon-mail address that you copied earlier and check the box below the start box. Then Microsoft will send a certified email sent to you. You open the mail and click on the address in the mail. Now certification has been completed. If you have completed everything so far, you can now download the office programs for free.
  Now, I'll introduce you ‘Gainchungchun’. Gainchungchun is a community site operated by the Gachon University Students’ Association. If you connect to it, you can obtain news about Gachon University, information about restaurants near Gachon University and information about life and education such as jobs, studying abroad, and contest exhibits. In addition, there are several benefits that are available through the Gainchungchun community. They include AOC (Apple On Campus) and the Education Discount Store. AOC is a store in which you can purchase Apple computers and notebooks at a 10% discount. Many universities, including Gachon University, are joining this discount promotion. Education discount stores intend to give benefits to university students in Korea by following a system where famous brand corporations of Europe or America give special discounts to university students. We can buy LG, Samsung and Lenovo notebooks, KT cell phones, etc., at a discount. When we purchase books, albums in Yes24, 4% extra saving are given. You can use these stores when you become a member of Gainchungchun community. 
  One of the abilities which is required after graduation is to be good at giving a presentation. PowerPoint is the most popular programs for presentations. Excel is also an essential program in companies and it’s essential to use the office program in society. I hope that Gachon students make good use of free office programs. Also, I want them to use the many benefits related to IT like AOC, and the education discount store.

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