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Do you know about the “Gachon Univ. transfer bus station”?Gachon University transfer bus station is constructed across from Gachon University on the beltway around Seoul.
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  Gachon University is located in a very convenient place for students commuting to school by subway as Gachon Univ. subway station is connected with Vision tower. But in the case of students who take a bus from Gyeonggi Province or other areas, they have difficulties commuting to school because they have to transfer to a subway station at Seohyeon or Moran station. To solve problems like this, a transfer bus station is being built near Gachon University. I’ll introduce some information about this bus station.
  This bus station is located on the beltway around Seoul, 50 meters away from Gachon University and will be completely constructed by the end of December, 2015. The new transfer bus station was built through a cooperative contract between Gachon University and Korea Expressway Corporation. This bus station is installed at two points in the Seoul direction at Pangyo 7km (Gyeonggi Sungnam-si Sujong-gu) and Guri. Bus no. 8409, 8401 (Suwon~Uijeongbu), 8109 (Youngin~Ilsan), 1009 (Suwon~Songpa), 1112 (Suwon~Gwangjin-gu), 1650 (Anyang~Guri) will stop at the station. It is so near that students only have to walk for three minutes after getting off the bus. Thus, they don’t have to transfer to the subway.
  Next, I’ll talk about the station’s advantages. The best advantage is that it “takes less time.” Gachon University students have less commute time and students living nearby also take less time when they go to other areas. A total of 3000 people per day are expected to use this station. As a result, economic effects are estimated at 1.7 billion won a year. Also, the cooperative system of Gachon University and Korea Expressway Corporation help to develop the local community. Thus, installing the station has several advantages like not only taking less time, but also economic effects and development of the local community.
  There are many opinions about installing this bus station. A Student who plans to use the bus station said, “It takes less time than before. So I have more sleeping time.” On the other hand, some students from Incheon want more bus lines that come from Incheon and other far away areas.
  Because this bus station is at an early stage, it leaves something to be desired, but students and residents will enjoy the convenience owing to the installation of the station. Let’s check the usefulness of the bus line for yourself rather than just guessing about the station before it is installed.
  Students taking the bus to commute to school or traveling to other areas will appreciate the convenience. Gachon University considered the difficulty of commuting before installing the station. Therefore, I hope that students will have an easier commute to school by using this transfer station efficiently.

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