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Continued unemployment problems; Gachon University supports student’s foundation!Let’s find out about the various programs that we didn't know about.Let’s find out about the various programs that we didn't know about.
Kim Ji-Hong  |  iamghong2@gmail.com
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Updated : 2016.01.11  19:05:26
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  Have you heard about the, ‘880,000 won generation’, ‘Kangaroo group’, or ‘7 give up generation’? If you are a university student, you may have often heard those words from your parents or in the news. Those words commonly refer to unemployment problems. Youth unemployment has become such a serious problem that new words have been formed. Nowadays, many university students consider starting their own business. However, most of them don't know how to start a company and save foundation funds. So Gachon university offers various programs that can help them grow their ideas.
  First, let’s check a foundation item competition exhibition. If you are a Gachon student, you can apply as an individual or a team. The program only requires ideas and items so the lower grades can apply without burden. There are 4 parts : Information & Communications / Electricity & Electron / Nano & Bio technology / Living service. Seven teams get a prize with support funds and additional points if they want to move into a foundation center.
  Next, look for a foundation project exhibition. This is a more intense program than the first one, so I recommend this to graduate school students. This program selects prep entrepreneurs who have potential for foundation and techniques, and then offers them the chance to move into the foundation center. Six teams will be selected. Those teams can use the center for six months to a whole year for free. This program is very useful when you have no space for an office.
  Lastly, a leader venture business tour program is provided. There were two tour programs during this semester. Through these programs, we can get practical foundation information such as learning foundation ideas and the ways of venture management in prospective firms. Information sessions introduce not only the successful cases of venture entrepreneurs and some matters to be attended to, but also materials from technical foundation cases which were previously unknown. The tour offers lunch and conference for founders. So check out the Gachon online site regularly. Good programs may close early.
  Furthermore, the foundation support center provides expert lectures, foundation business competitions, and foundation counselors. Of course, the foundation is as difficult as getting a job. Maybe even more difficult. But nowadays, creativity and ideas are competitive. Why don’t you create your own job? We should find the chance for ourselves. No matter how many good programs are offered by school, if we don’t use them, they are merely good programs online. I encourage you guys to check Gachon online site-announcements frequently and use our foundation center (031-750-6931~2). Now let’s challenge foundation with Gachon foundation programs!

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