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What comes to mind when you hear Hongdae?
Byun Eun mi  |  bem3897@hanmail.net
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Hongik University?


Club or bar?    



The Hongdae area has places that are more interesting than you think.

1) People have been organizing a flea market called the Hope Market every Sunday.
Hope Market




2) Remains of history of old town: Seogyo Market


Street art in Hongdae area: graffiti



3) Self representation by a young generation of artists: street performance




Hongdae as we know it may be just a nice neighborhood to hang out in, but the place boasts a variety of activities and interesting places, and is filled with a great cultural atmosphere. When people walk down the street, an act of a play begins and soon it occupies a large vacant lot and it’s time for the night performances. At the same time people are able to shop for art work once the Market opens.

No limit, no fetter in the Hongdae area. The neighborhood invites the youth to be free.

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