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If you respect yourself, others will also respect you.Ugly Betty, Betty’s high-fashion survival story
Kim Na-Young  |  clara0385@naver.com
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ppearance became the must-have spec for Korean twenties, who are devoting their passion to getting a stable job. There are some people who think that they failed an interview because of their appearance, although their other qualifications were good. However, it is a wonder if their failure was really because of their appearance. The twenties’ appearance complex is getting worse. She was pretty, a hit drama that ended recently, gained its popularity by presenting an ugly woman named Hyejin with crazy, wild hair. Don’t you think that this drama gained popularity by getting the viewer’s sympathy and gave them courage and confidence in their lives? In America, there is a very similar drama that deals with an ugly woman. The main character of this drama, Betty, makes her surrounding people be on her side by showing them her own sweetness and good-heartedness, like Hyejin from She was pretty. Let’s sink into the story of Betty, who firmly finds her position with her ability and confidence.
  Betty is a proficient person who graduated from prestigious Queens University in New York. But it’s so hard for her to get a job because of her short height, chubby body type, countrified braces, big glasses, and a mysterious fashion sense. She was an unfortunate girl who failed every time she had an interview. Like any normal day, she went in for an interview with ‘MODE group’, the first American magazine company, but as expected, she failed and came back home. To make things worse, her boyfriend dumped her. While crying because of her boyfriend, she received a call from MODES that they will employ her as an assistant editor. They thought that ‘ugly’ Betty would be the appropriate person for the assistant editor position because the new editor is the son of the owner of MODES and is a womanizer. So Betty happens to work in the position of assistant editor. On the first day of her work, she wears a cape that her father bought from Guadalajara. At first, Amanda the receptionist glances at Betty’s clothes and asks if she came to deliver something. Betty is so nervous that she bumps into the glass window on her way to the conference room. The new editor Daniel made an inaugural speech, and after that Betty introduced herself but Daniel doesn’t like Betty because of her appearance. So Daniel calls Betty at dawnthe next day and makes her stroll his dog, and orders her to do chores. But Betty is fully engaged in whatever he orders. That way, Betty slowly adjusts to her work. One day, there is a big commercial being made but the model doesn't show up. So, Daniel asks Betty to be the model, and after a big consideration, she becomes the model, but she is immediately put to shame in front of many people. After that, she notices that Daniel wants her to quit the job, so she tells him she will resign. Daniel shows the commercial photos to Fabia, the executive of the advertisement company, but he gets refused and receives one last chance to revise it. While Daniel is so busy thinking of a new idea, he finds Betty’s notes by chance. Betty’s commercial proposal includes some brilliant ideas and has a lot of sincerity, which makes Daniel tune into Betty’s true value. So he goes to her house and requests her to be his assistant again. Betty is willing to accept his request and from the very next day, they plan to make an advertisement proposal with Betty’s ideas on ‘Happiness of minor things’. This proposal gets a favorable response from Fabia, and Daniel overcomes a crisis. While preparing the proposal, Daniel and Betty become assistants for each other and close friends by believing and relying on each other. 
  Ugly Betty is a drama that deals with an ugly woman shunned by people because of her country-style dress, but who eventually achieves recognition in the world of fashion where everyone is judged by their appearance. As the season continues, Betty gradually grows and becomes prettier. When watching the drama, you may be surprised at Betty's dental braces and big glasses, but as you see Betty’s activities, you will find yourself completely addicted to her before you know it. The main character, Betty continuously delivers a message to us that, ‘The most important thing is confidence, not appearance'. Maybe it’s a natural and obvious thing, but I think it is the most essential lesson for Korean twenties who become so easily timid, saying their eyes are too small or their noses are too flat. Through Betty, who loves herself and eventually receives credit from her surrounding people, I want to tell you to love yourself and be more confident. If you are the person who loves yourself, you deserve to be loved by others too!

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