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The presents from March
Lee Hyun-Young  |  rjfbch@naver.com
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  March is starting to set in which means it’s the beginning of another school year for students. Some may feel joy with the expectation and romance of the word ‘March’. On the other hand, others may worry about a bunch of assignments and exams, and give a big sigh. But it is clear that March gives us excitement, like how freshmen feel entering university life for the first time. I entered my university in the class of '14 and at this point as I have become a junior, not only do I want to look back at my freshman days in March, but I also want to empathize with my readers.
  For me, campus life in March 2014 was a series of thrilling sights and sounds, especially for someone who came up to Seoul from Goseong, South Gyeongsang Province where even a theater doesn’t exist. With this thrill, March gave me some presents. The first present was my liberty – to fully enjoy my free will. The biggest change from being a high school student was liberty because in the past most my choices were made by my parents, but now I could make my own decisions and enjoy the freedom of being an ‘adult’. However, there is the other side of this present, which is that I must take responsibility for the consequences of my actions. The second present was the pleasure of meeting various people. In March, I can meet lots of people such as colleagues and seniors in the same major, club members, and even people at a drinking party. It is fantastic that strangers become the same university students when they meet each other even though they grew up in different surroundings, are different ages, and from different regions. This was the biggest present for me, because I love to meet various new people. The third present is the preciousness of the people surrounding me. Throbbing in the campus life until the middle of March, I felt a longing for my family and friends who had always been next to me. I missed the preciousness of my people, not once or twice, but often as I lived far away from home with no connection to familiar people. Those who become a university student and have stepped into this unfamiliar environment will feel empathy with this sentence.
  You see, March gives us numerous presents and it’s up to us how we will enjoy these presents. It's the start of March! Freshmen, and undergraduates hold onto the freshman mind and enjoy the exciting presents of March!

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