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Come to the comfortable Gachon University dormitory!Introduction and usage of the school dormitory
Park Mi-Jung  |  xxxmi1202@daum.net
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Updated : 2016.07.04  21:14:47
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  The part-time professional portal Alba Heaven examined ‘Time Poor Status’, in a survey of 1,522 college undergraduates. To 61.3 percent of the college students surveyed, ‘Time Poor’ refers to the situation of no free time because they are chased by work. They gave ‘chased by work’ more than 5 points on a 10 point scale, while 13.1% of the students’ gave 5+ points to ‘more than 3 hours of commuting time’ as the main cause of feeling time poor.
  Students from various regions commute to Gachon University, and many of them experience difficulty getting a place to stay, or are pressed for time because of long commute times. I recommend they make use of the Gachon University dormitory to reduce the difficulty of commuting. Let's examine the dormitory at Gachon University.

  Gachon University dormitory was established in 2007 to provide 2,064 square meters of comfortable conditions for 585 students. It is a place where students can study, experience the freedom and discipline of communal life, and practice humanism. It is equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning and heating facilities, high-speed Internet, and a card key system for the security and convenience of students. In addition, rooms have their own bathroom equipped with a shower booth. To ease student stress from studying, there is a rest room, a kitchenette, and unmanned laundry on each floor. The dormitory also has a security office open of 24 hours a day to help guarantee student safety.
  Stay period in the dormitory is divided into three parts; by semester (about 4 months), six months, or holidays only (1~2 months). Every January and June, the dormitory informs and accepts applications on the online dormitory homepage. To apply, write a request from 'My Page' after registering on the dormitory homepage (http://www.dasomkwan.net/). The selection method is based on a descending 100 point scale created from converting previous semester grades (50%) + the commuting distance (50%). Individuals should check the job application website for the announcement of acceptance. The dormitory fee must be paid in the designated bank through the virtual account on the dormitory incident management system by the deadline for payment. If you default on your dormitory fee, your incident qualification will be cancelled. If you miss the joining application, it is possible to apply during the additional recruitment time. If there are absentees after the recruitment of students and freshmen, additional recruitment will be started after a notice is posted according to the vacancy-occurrence. Note that the second semester offers the best availability of facilities and residential space.
  In order to give the opportunity of dormitory life to more students, Gachon University is now building a second dormitory. The second dormitory is scheduled for completion in August 2016. The second dormitory can accommodate 745 people on 2 underground floors and 5 above ground floors. There are two and four person rooms, physical fitness training facilities, seminar rooms, reading rooms, and facilities such as a cafe will be added. A multipurpose room equipped with state-of-the-art equipment is planned to operate an education program. The dormitory education program will offer expertise and partnership to help students recharge while simultaneously aiding in the process of school adaptation, cultivation of character, and basic learning.
  If you are curious about the dormitory, you can get a kind answer by calling the dormitory administration office (031-750-8913). The dormitory is an institution that is only for students. So it can also be part of your school life and give you extended personal time. For long-distance students or students who have come from abroad, the dormitory is ready with adequate facilities and a simple procedure for application. If you are tired of being ‘time poor’, maybe it is time to apply for a dormitory at Gachon University.

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