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  Is it possible to learn English by watching a documentary, and is it reliable? We are accustomed to learning English by interpreting mostly words and sentences, however, sometimes such systems get boring or are a burden. At such times, it may be helpful to look lightly at a documentary film. I’d like to introduce a site called 'Top Documentary Films' where many of these kinds of documentaries are uploaded. This site provides this service for free, and can be used freely without membership registration. Let’s find out more about this site.
  This site is easy to understand because it does not deal with complex or professional subjects. We usually think of documentaries as only educational or having heavy content, but this site deals with diverse light themes like comedy, mystery, and sports, or if you prefer there are heavy themes such as philosophy, war, and crime. In addition, the themes have been further divided into categories such as psychology, religion, history, science, philosophy, politics, health, and media. So you can select according to your own preferences and needs. If you select a category, there are a variety of videos related to the chosen topic. Then, you will be able to select a title that attracts you. There will be a story line written below the video, which is helpful for watching the video because it gives the overall story flow of the documentary. After watching the video, you can evaluate the video by giving it star points. It is also possible to share your opinions. Once you fill out your email address and a nickname you can comment and write freely. Also, if you think the video would be beneficial to others to watch, you can share it on SNS like Facebook or Twitter.
  While writing the article, I decided to watch a documentary from this site. I selected a video from the psychology category titled, “Secrets of Body Language”. Before watching the video, I read the story line to get the overall story flow and other critical content. This helped me to further understand the content. The organization of the video content included an interview after the show of psychologists giving their opinion of the celebrity’s gestures. While viewing the video, it was possible to understand both the situation and meaning of the celebrity’s actions. In addition, after watching the video, you can share your opinions and comments with others. This method can be a fresh new experience compared to ways that are usually used.
  It is a fact that watching a video to study English is a novel experience, and it’s also a fact that images remain longer in the head than words. The pronunciation of local people will add naturally to listening study while watching the video. In addition, overseas common sense and knowledge gained by watching the video can be useful every day. If reading the same way as other people for studying is tiring, or you need common sense of overseas cultures, I recommend you to see a documentary from Top Documentary Films. There is an advantage that the site can be utilized anywhere easily including on your mobile phone. Using the time of commuting to school is a good way to use the site. Through this site, I hope that Gachon University students will get plentiful knowledge of overseas life and improve their English abilities.

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