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Something worthy of being passed down to descendants.
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  Our environment is filled with many important things. Even though the development of science may cause some of those things to lose their value or even finally disappear during our life. Therefore, our descendants may never know about these things. Everything that fills our lives has memories attached to it and its value can’t be replaced by anything else. Gachon students might have had some special things that can’t be replaced and are precious to them. This Gachon Herald 130’s title is, “Something worthy of being passed down to our descendants”. Let’s look at some things that Gachon students cherish and would like to pass down to their descendants.

Park Gi Sung (Global Economics, ‘16)

I want to pass land down to my descendants. Nowadays, land is disappearing because of rising sea levels due to global warming. In the future, some land will disappear and our descendants will suffer from land shortage. By passing land down to my descendants, I want them to eat well and to live happily without fear and worry that land is disappearing.


Jo He rim (Industrial administration Engineering, ‘16)

I want to pass spring and fall; two of the four seasons down to my descendants. The seasons of spring and fall are getting shorter because of global warming and might disappear in the future. I hope that by passing spring and fall down to our descendants they will see flowers bloom in the spring and maple leaves dyed red and yellow in the fall.


An Yeon Seon (Software, ‘15) / Han, Dahae (Software, ‘15)

I want to pass an heirloom necklace down to my descendants. I think that I want to keep the tradition of passing this necklace on to others in our family. I hope to deliver a necklace to my descendants because I want my descendants to become responsible and wise adults.

Jeong Jae Yun (Business Administration track, ‘16)

I want to pass my diary down to my descendants. Today, we can record information and do many things with smart phones without using a pen or a diary. Such developments of science make our daily life easy, however, smartphone cause people to lose their sense of touch and how to use their hands, by recording information instead writing. I think we remember things better when we do things directly through our hands rather than when we do things indirectly. I hope to show the importance of touch and writing by passing my diary to my descendants.

Hong Su Yeong (Law, ‘16)

I will pass a letter down to my descendants. Nowadays, people keep in touch with their friends through email, text message, or phone call rather than through a letter written by the users hand. I think when my descendants are alive the existence of letters will have disappeared. I hope my descendants will get to know about the unique sensitivity that only a letter has. I want to remind them of the preciousness of a hand-written letter by passing a letter to them.

Jo Yun Hui (Food and Nutrition, ‘16)

I want to pass on the mechanical pencil I used in my scholastic ability test to my descendants. The mechanical pencil I used in the scholastic ability test is important because the blood and sweat effort I put into it. I want to show the existence of this mechanical pencil and how important it is for many people who took a once-in-a-lifetime examination. By the conveying passion and effort that my mechanical pencil represents, I want my descendants to study hard.

Park Bum Jun (Food and Biological Resources Engineering, ‘13)

I want to pass a smart phone down to my descendants. The cell phone’s function and appearance vary according to the development of science. Cell phones that have better functions will appear and there will be an unimaginable cell phones in the future. Also, a cell phone that contains photographs and messages has stories from our life so it can be used as a historical record.

Kim Yun Seong (Finance Mathematics, ‘15)

I want to pass on my first class award certificate in mathematics to my descendants. I have had this award certificate since it was awarded to me for being first in mathematics. It is so important to me. I keep it because the sense of accomplishment is very important to me and I was so happy. Therefore, I want to give it to my descendants as a family treasure.


Oh Soo Hyun (Computer Engineering, ‘16)

If I can give one thing to my descendants, I want to pass on a strong box to my descendants. I will ask other people to keep their secrets in something like a strongbox or their descendants. I hope to form a tradition that if descendants put their precious things into a strongbox and give it to their descendants, their descendants will act in the same way. By passing the strongbox down to my descendants, I want hem to be reliable people who find and keep precious things.


Lee Jin Wook (College of Liberal Studies, ‘16)

I want to give my elementary school book report to my descendants. This book report has the pureness of an elementary school student. Students are more mature than students in previous generations according to the changing times. Therefore, I want my descendants to be reminded of their pure childhood and to know value of youthful pureness by passing along this book report.

Kim Han Sol (Law, ‘09)

I want to give a diary of written knowledge and various virtues to my descendants. Property is important but mental power is the most important. Physical matter will be consumed someday however the spirit can be shared without limit. Also, this value corresponds to the information-oriented age. Like the proverb; <Not to fish and teach fishing>, I want to help my descendants to live well and to have a good mind by sharing the way to achieve results rather than giving results to them. Also, I want to give a baby book to my descendants to help them understand and share love.

Maseoyo (College of Liberal Studies, ‘16), Gongdeokjjong (College of Liberal Studies, ‘16)

I want to pass money down to my descendants. First of all, property is important and necessary for experiencing the many activities of living on this earth. I want to let my descendants experience many things. The world will advance and the activities we can experience will become more. That is, I will pass property down to my descendants so they can experience many activities.







  We have heard about some precious things from Gachon students, like seasons, a strong box, diaries, letters, and so on. As the students said, everything has value from its existence and contains the personal memories associated with them. They are precious for us and contain memories but in the future, nobody will know these things ever existed. Why not recall something around you and think about what it means to you, as some students have thought about their precious things through this Campus Talk.

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