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2016 Minor Kkuljaem LITE!Achieve the dream of a minor and double major with the ‘2016 Minor Kkuljaem LITE course!
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  Do you have any subjects that you have wanted to study as a minor or double major? Maybe you have but haven’t tried because of worries about taking difficult classes or getting a low score because of your majors? Gachon University has established the ‘2016 Minor Kkuljaem (feeling funny and sweet like eating honey) LITE course’ in Business Administration, Marketing, Advertisement, Design, and Software. A total of four minor courses were made to afford various learning experiences to students while solving problems of unfavorable grade evaluation for students of minor or double majors.
  Minor students can register for the ‘2016 Minor Kkuljaem LITE course’ by registering for the corresponding lecture at the period of course registration. There is an eight-week course and a 16-week course. The eight-week course meets for two hours twice a week and in the 16-week course you can take two subjects. The software course is offered as a 16-week course, so you can acquire a total four credits. Furthermore, all courses were set up at the 8th and 9th period on Monday through Thursday to avoid overlapping with other classes. If you take the class in advance and then you can apply it as a minor, it will be admitted as a minor acquired credit. Also, it will be admitted as a double major grade when you convert a minor to double major. It can also be admitted as a general selective subject when you give up or choose not to apply it as a minor. Even a minor course is operated as 20 credits of course work. If you are a fourth year student who has completed 20 credits of course work or expect to complete 20 credits of course work before graduation, you will receive a scholarship of one million won.
  In the Business Administration LITE course, the goal is to try to make a break-through in the framework of existing management education apart from the provider-centered education. In the first semester, Organization and Human Resources Management, Marketing, Companies and Market Competition, and Quantitative Analysis will be provided. After the first semester, Management Information Systems, Accounting Principles, Financial Management, Venture and Founder, and other various subjects are being scheduled.
  In the Marketing•Advertisement LITE course, the basic curriculum is faithful to the basic principles of marketing and the core curriculum reflects the newest marketing trends. Also, an additional practical curriculum can be applied as acquired knowledge and techniques. All of these courses provide an education program specialized to train marketing and advertisement experts. In the first semester, Theory of Consumer Behavior, Marketing Subjects, Marketing Research and Marketing Strategy Planning are offered. In the second semester, other subjects, like New Product Development and Marketing, Brand Communication, and Advertising and Marketing PR Campaign will be opened.
  Meanwhile, in the Design LITE course, a new form of innovative design class targeted at students who have not majored in design will be provided. In addition, it is aiming at the experience of the realization of the idea based on little imagination. Current Theory of Design, Basic Design Study, Design Process and Methodology, and Practice of Design Ideas are provided, and after the first semester, Principles of the Formative, Digital Design Business, Design Computing, and Sales Promotion Planning will be created.
  Major software classes are delivered in English and the training intensity is very high. However, separate lectures for software minor students were made to educate them adjusting to their height of the eyes and situations. In the first semester, Elementary C-language and Web Programming are opened. Computer Structure and Principles, Intermediate level C-language and Web Programming, Java Language and Database, and others are planned for the second semester.
  Nowadays, college students select minor and double majors to study outside of the major to expand their future job choices and employment. I hope you will become a Gachon University student who designs your own future studying what you really want to do for yourself without caring about credit through ‘2016 minor Kkuljaem LITE course’.

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