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Who insists that ‘Games will exert an evil influence on people’s lives’?2016.3, Gachon University-Graduate school of Game was founded.
Kang Dong-Woo  |  dwoo0105@naver.com
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  Korea is one of the strongest countries in the gaming industry to be in the Top 6 of ‘Top 15 Major Regional Game Market Size of 2014’, and Top 4 of ‘Global Mobile Games Market Size of 2015’. In spite of having such power, gaming is like ashes in the mouth for many people. As a top example, the ‘Policy of Shutdown’ is a system that states that minors cannot play games late at night. You might think ‘it could be a good policy’, but Korean pro-gamer Lee, Seung-hyun failed to win the Starcraft championship because of the ‘Policy of Shutdown’. That is, the view that "Gaming is always bad" may not be the right way.
  But Gachon University has founded the Gachon University - Graduate school of Game and promises wholehearted support to people who are talented at playing games. Gachon University -Graduate school of Game had an entrance ceremony in March of 2016 and gave a chance to people who are talented at playing games, to apply to the new ‘Department of Game’ and ‘Department of Game Engineering’.
  What is the ‘Department of Game’? The ‘Department of Game’ is a major that nurtures creative and talented gamers who can adapt flexibly to the development of the game industry. This department recruited ten students who will study for four semesters. They must choose the dissertation track, which requires a dissertation paper to graduate, or the lecture track which requires getting class credits to become a master; the former must get 24 credits and the latter must get 30 credits to graduate. To get credits for these courses, the ‘Department of Game’ offers various courses to choose from. For example, ‘Game Studies’ is about the definition and history of games, the process of transition in the game industry, various theoretical points of view in gaming like the Basic Theory of games. Other classes include; ‘Games & Law’, which is about learning the laws and game systems as applied in the field; and ‘Mobile Game Study’, which conducts a study of Service and Present conditions of Domestic and Foreign Games. Each of these classes could be part of a typical course of study at the Department of Game. Moreover, the Department of Game aims to cultivate people of talent by providing many other courses like Contents & Game Industry Introduction, Game Marketing Theory, Next Generation Game Study, and Game Psychology.
  So then, what is the Department of Game Technology? Is it another power of Gachon University's Graduate school of Game? The Department of Game Technology recruited 11 students this year and is a major that will produce global leaders who will lead the globalization of the game industry. The difference between the Department of Game and the Department of Game Technology depends on each student’s bachelor degree. The Department of Game is a major that gives a chance to students who majored in humanities and social studies-related departments, while the Department of Game Technology is composed of engineering graduates. If we examine typical lectures from the Department of Game Technology based on this difference, ‘Game AI’ is a typical one which covers core technologies like exploration, logical programming, and natural language processing; making machines understand the human language. Advanced Programming and DB is also a special lecture of the Department of Game Technology, mastering an application development program by using a database system and learning about various methods of database programming.
  As you read, the Gachon University Graduate School of Game is cultivating people of ability who will be the core of the future game industry by giving them systematic curriculum and support systems. By setting up the goal of ‘nurturing creative talented people who can adapt flexibly to technology changes in the game industry’, the ‘Department of Game’ and ‘Department of Game Technology’ are giving many talented people a chance to study about games. A few years from now, Gachonians will be important figures of games and will lead the development of the game industry. By doing so, they will contribute to the advancement of Gachon University. Hopefully, Gachon University Graduate School of Game’s future will be bright.







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