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If you love someone so muchDo your best to love someone when you are alive, If Only
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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Updated : 2016.07.04  22:09:33
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  When you were young, did you ever like a friend of the opposite sex in the same class? Or have you loved someone and treated them very kindly while not expecting anything from that person? At one point in your life, you might have experienced pure love. However, some people say that this kind of love is unrealistic when they are asked this kind of question. This is because from some people’s point of view we have started to measure love by push and pull rather than simply as pure love and the desire to take care of someone. In a relationship when we buy food or presents for our girlfriend or boyfriend, we may be applying ‘give and take’. That is, the expectation of a fair transaction where you give as much as you get. Also, we define that delicate relationship with somebody you like before being in a love relationship, as ‘some’. And this ‘some’ also makes us grow away from real love. Is this really a good phenomenon? Perhaps, a few years from now a book about measuring love will be published. For now, there is a movie which may give lessons to those who are calculating love. The movie is; If Only.

  Samantha and Ian live together in London. It is absolutely true that they love each other. Samantha tries to understand Ian, who is inundated with work and does not have time for her, but she is tired of this situation. Ian tries to understand Samantha and loves her in his own way but he cannot take care of her because he is so busy with his work. Amid this kind of tension, Samantha and Ian’s morning begins.
  Today is the day that Samantha has her graduation concert and Ian has his investment briefing. At 11 o’clock in the morning, Samantha’s hand gets burned and Ian breaks his watch. While walking on the street, Samantha gets juice on her clothes by mistake and gets dirty. To make things worse, back in the apartment Samantha finds Ian’s notes on the sofa, thinks they are important, and rushes into Ian’s meeting room only to discover too late that Ian has already made a copy. Because Samantha ran into the meeting and interrupted it, Ian’s investment briefing is ruined. After the briefing, Ian gets into a taxi and participates in Samantha’s graduation concert. However, the taxi driver recognizes that there is a problem in Ian’s relationship with Samantha and advises him to love Samantha without measuring how much he loves her. Ian feels strange about the taxi driver but he ruminates on the advice and promises himself that he will do his best for Samantha. However, after her concert, while they have dinner together, they start to talk about their relationship and get into a fight. Samantha leaves first and gets into a taxi but on the way back home, at exactly 11 o’clock, she is killed in a car accident. Actually, the taxi driver is the same taxi driver that took them to the concert. Ian loses Samantha because of the accident and while arranging Samantha’s items, he thinks about her again and realizes he loves her a lot.
  The next day, Samantha wakes Ian up. Ian is extremely surprised and thinks that yesterday’s car accident was just a dream. However, just like yesterday, Samantha’s hand gets burned and her clothes get wet from the juice. Ian feels strange because yesterday’s events seem to be repeating, so he tries not to break his watch but it still breaks like yesterday. The hands of the watch stop at 11 o’clock. Even though the watch is broken, Ian worries about Samantha and tries to find her. A taxi stops and picks him up, but it is the same taxi driver from yesterday. Ian asks the taxi driver about the ways he can protect Samantha. Like yesterday, the taxi driver answers, ‘Love her without measuring’. At this point, Ian promises himself that he will not lose Samantha like yesterday and convinces Sam to leave London with him and visit the place they used to live in together. Ian is having a sweet time with Samantha and he tells her not to go back to London. However, Samantha replies that she has prepared for this graduation concert for three years and doesn’t want lose this opportunity. Eventually they go back to London. Before going to that concert, Ian suggests Samantha let people hear the music she has written but she says she is afraid. So, Ian photocopies her music and tells her orchestra’s conductor that he would like the orchestra to play her music. After all the prepared performances, Samantha’s music begins and she sings with a throb in her voice. The response from the audience is indeed tremendous. After singing, Samantha and Ian hug and check their love again. It is raining after the concert and Ian worries about Samantha’s car accident so he asks her to walk home. However Samantha wants to catch a taxi, saying, “Why are you trying to catch the mood in this rainy day?”. Before catching the taxi, Ian explains how much he loves her. And then, he says, “thank you” for teaching him about real love and he tells her that before her, he couldn’t have loved someone so much because he was worried about the hurt he would get from love. The taxi comes and they get into the taxi. As expected, the driver of the taxi is the same man from before. Just before 11 o’clock, Ian is trying to protect Samantha. However, in exactly the same way as yesterday, the car accident happens at 11 o’clock and Ian dies while guarding Samantha. 
  If Only is interpreted as “It would be good if …”. In other words, If Only can be used when you wish something or when you regret or feel sorry for some events from the past. The phrase, “If Only” can be used in sentences like, ‘If only Samantha and Ian both survived’ or, “If only Ian had recognized his love for Samantha earlier…” In various ways, like those sentences with the phrase ‘If Only’, we can feel sorrow and regret after watching this movie. That is why this movie is called ‘If Only’. Please love someone desperately unlike Ian, who feels regret after losing Samantha. There is no formula for love. That means, there is no such thing as calculating love. We cannot expect the same amount from the person when we give something. But, let’s just love our partner. Try not to regret like Ian.

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