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Credit Exchange for Students who live far awayIntroducing the Six Major Universities Running Credit Exchange.
Lim Ye-Seul  |  yesll0210@naver.com
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Updated : 2016.09.21  10:23:10
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  Are you having a hard time because our university is too far from your home but there is a university close to your house? A credit exchange can solve this problem. The credit exchange program is a system in which students can take the regular semester or session among universities included in a credit exchange agreement. Gachon University is continuously striving to solve students’ problems by making a credit exchange agreement with many universities.
  One advantage of this credit exchange program is that students can conveniently apply for courses temporarily at universities near their homes. Another advantage is for students who have to pay additional expenses according to their university or who need more credits for a session. Gachon University makes credit exchange agreements regularly with Kyunghee University, Hanyang University, University of Seoul, Chung-Ang, Seoul National University, and Incheon National University. The credit exchange agreement is divided into first semester, summer semester, second semester and finally the winter semester. Application for the first semester is closed in January or February and the summer application is closed in April or May. Second semester’s application is closed in July or September and the winter application is closed in November or January.
  There are some qualifications that must be met to be eligible for this program. The applicant must be a student finishing their freshman (30 credit) year and not be subject to any disciplinary measures. Also, total credits for lectures taken have to be no more than six credits. Documents to apply for the application of a credit exchange must contain a Dean’s stamp, personal information agreement, applicant lists for credit exchange (or recommender list), and other personal details. You have to carefully check which documents are needed because the necessary documents differ according to each university. Prepare all documents needed and submit these to the Bachelor of Science Planning Team (student service center window NO.5 in Vision Tower B area first floor). If you apply for the credit exchange, you can take all lectures at the applicable university starting from the semester you applied for. But keep in mind the fact that some universities have limited lectures (it is crucially important that you check with the university).
  The regular semester tuition has to be paid to our university and the session tuition has to be paid to the exchange university according to the lectures you take. The session tuition is from 40,500 won to 90,000 won per 1 credit. Also, if you apply for credit exchange, the facilities available to you are limited. You can check the main schedule for the semester on the university's homepage.
  To successfully go through with a credit exchange, you have to be well informed of the precautions about credit scope, education courses and point recognition. You can acquire no more than six credits in other universities through credit exchange and the scope of total credits can be no more than 21 credits until graduation. Affiliated culture, culture mandatory, required major courses, and profession subjects have to be finished at only Gachon University to be allowed as credit for ISU of the graduation requirement. These subjects can’t be credited through credit exchange. Also, course retake can be recognized as same subjects and pseudo subjects can not be recognized. All credits received in other universities are recognized as general elective courses and major selection is recognized only if this major selection equates as a major course to the students’ major. Culture selection and major selection are recognized only if the subject name and credit of other university equate to those of Gachon University. The deadline for applications, facilities, precautions, etc., differ according to the university, so I recommend that you double-check the Gachon U. homepage or the university where you want to apply for credit exchange.
  Gachon University makes a credit exchange agreement with a total of 32 universities (there are six more universities that were not introduced in this article) and the medical campus is contained on this list. I hope that any students having difficulty attending a lecture at Gachon University because of distance will take lectures through credit exchange at a university closer to their home.

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