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Korean Life … Are you OK with it? Are you surprised? We will help you!Goodwill Ambassador, helping foreign students adapt well to school life.
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  Not only Korean students but many foreigners are in attendance at Gachon University. Foreign students are participating in various classes with academic talent on par with their Korean counterparts. However, they may have many lonely nights because of the new environment and distance away from their family. Gachon University has arranged and started a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ system to help these students.
  Goodwill Ambassadors can be seen as a guide to help foreign enrolled students and international students adapt to school life. Goodwill Ambassadors are selected twice a year. For those who want to be active in the first semester, they must apply in February. For those who want to be active in the second semester, students must apply in August. The total number of people selected for the position will be around 4 ~ 50 students, and it will include people who are capable in English, Chinese and Japanese. The final number will change depending on the number of foreign students who have requested help. This volunteer work is targeted to freshmen, sophomore and juniors who have a strong passion for promoting Korea and can give this program top priority in their schedule.
  How do you apply for such a program and what are the benefits? Any Gachonian who wants to apply for a Goodwill Ambassador position should visit the Office of International Affairs (Global Center room 613) with the application form, activity plan, language assessment records, course registration statement and a transcript. After the application is submitted, the applicant will participate in an interview at the Office of International Affairs. If the applicant works as a Goodwill Ambassador for a single semester, he or she can receive 1 credit for their ‘Social Service’ subject and will be awarded a scholarship of 500,000 won when the accepted applicant is selected as an exchange student or visiting student.
  If the applicant is selected as a Goodwill Ambassador, he or she will be allocated of 1~2 foreign students. Afterwards, Goodwill Ambassadors will have to help the foreign students with school life and life in Korea in general. First, in terms of school life, Goodwill Ambassadors will have to assist foreign students with not only their main Gachon University’s activities, but also with library usage, club activities, school festivals, and any other activities that can help the students acclimate to student life at Gachon University. In terms of life in Korea, Goodwill Ambassadors will have to participate in various activities hosted by the office of International Affairs such as surveying of cultural relics and community festivals. Lastly, in order to verify that such requirements are met, foreign students and their Korean students will have to attend the Gachon International Center twice a month, and at the end of the semester the Goodwill Ambassadors must submit at least 10 activity pictures per person and an activity report. If the Goodwill Ambassador is unable to follow such instructions, a warning will be issued for the first violation but they will no longer be able to be a Goodwill Ambassador on the second warning.
  If you have any questions about this unique opportunity, please ask questions at the International Training Support Team through e-mail (jaeha@gachon.ac.kr) or landline (031-750-5824). Being a Goodwill Ambassador at Gachon University is a great opportunity to help foreign students to efficiently adapt to school life. Both Korean students and foreign students can make memories together that cannot be made simply by sharing each other’s language and culture. I hope many Gachonians will take this opportunity and participate in the activities.

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