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Everyone is born with eight constitutions of body.Mysteries of the body seen through eight constitutions.
Kim Na-Young  |  clara0385@naver.com
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  There's no limit to the human longing for anti-aging and life extension. For you to carry on a happy life, you first need to be healthy. No one hopes to be bed ridden, barely managing to live due to exposure to a disease. As the 100-year-age era comes closer, 'preventative medicine', focusing on preventing sicknesses, is being stressed. Among those, Eight-Constitutions Medicine, which shows patients of their in born constitutions and suitable lifestyles, is popular. The 132nd issue of Experience in The Gachon Herald wants you to learn more about ‘Eight-Constitution Medicine’.

  1. What is the Eight-Constitutions Medicine?
  We define 'Eight-Constitutions Medicine' as a medicine, instructing physiological and pathological phenomenon based on the unchanging eight constitutions, which define individual people and helps to prevent disease.
  Ginseng, which has been known as a mysterious medicine for a long time, displays good energy for many people. But side effects like stroke can occur from time to time. Also, some babies born healthy can sometimes unexpectedly come down with incurable illnesses. Many medical challenges like these still remain as a mystery. Why? It might sound obvious, but it's because people's constitutions are not the same. Eight-Constitutions Medicine is a Korean creative medical system. Personalized treatment is possible, since it prescribes according to the individuals constitution, not their symptoms. After treatment from an oriental medical clinic, patients can control the weakness in their constitution through eating food that harmonizes with your body.

  2. Checking out my own physical constitution.
  In order to check your own physical constitution using Eight-Constitution Medicine, the only thing you need to do is to visit the nearest oriental medical clinic. In the course of eight constitutions, you can check which organ is strong and which is not, and you will be told of which diseases you are vulnerable to.
  Through the diagnosis, you will get an overall picture of your health. Also, through your understanding of each constitution and cause of disease, you cannot only prevent and cure diseases, but also help maintain your immune system at its best.

  Before the checkup, you complete your own statement and questionnaire, and the doctor simply checks your pulse for diagnosis. You can be aware of your own constitutions based on these courses. The unique thing is that the questions are composed of broad scope such as your characteristic, shape of face, skin color tone, etc. Additionally, since the constitution is basically hereditary, the chances of your receiving the same constitution is 50%. So, lifestyle, eating habits, and hereditary traits do a lot when it comes to your constitutions.


  3. Characteristics of the eight constitutions.
  We categorize the human constitution according to the inflextion structure into Hepatonia, Cholecystonia, Pancreotonia, Gastrotonia, Renotonia, Vesicotonia, Pulmotonia, and Colonotonia. The following are what I've organized according to the characteristics of each constitution.

  1) Hepatonia: The characteristics of Hepatonia is that their appearances are good and physique is large. They also have narrow shoulder and as their body goes down from head to toe, it gets thick. So the belly is the biggest. As sweating makes their body healthy, it is good to take hota shower or go climbing. They don't talk a lot, and having high blood pressure is a good condition for them.
  2) Cholecystonia: The characteristics of Cholecystonia isthat they go to the bathroom a lot for stool. So they need to keep their lower abdomen warm and beware of drinking because of the risk of alcohol addiction.
  3) Pancreotonia: The characteristics of Pancreotonia is that they have a hot temper. So in order to be healthy, they need to keep their composure and not hurry. There are many painters with these characteristics since they have good eye vision. They have a strong digestion system, but they have to eat constitutional type of food,avoid drinking, and taking cold baths. They need to wake up and sleep early.
  4) Gastrotonia: The characteristics of Gastrotonia is not easy to find since they are rare. They don't come down with small diseases and they don't like to go to the hospital. They are easy to get cacochylia, so it is good to consume cool and fresh food.
  5) Renotonia: The characteristics of Renotonia is cacochylia. If they are healthy, they don't sweat . But if not, they sweat a lot. They are delicate and organized. So they don't trust people since they doubt a lot. Their constitution is made not to sweat. So, in order to keep healthy, take cold baths and go swimming.
  6) Vesicotonia: Eating cold food makes their cool liver colder and sets up gastroptosis. Eating less makes them healthy, and eating an average amount of food compared to other people makes them overeat. So the best way to maintain good health is to eat 'warm and small amounts of food'.
  7) Pulmotonia: They don't like to be shown, but are creative. Since they have a weak liver, they should eat vegetables and fish. Stretching their backs is a good way to remain healthy, and they should avoid sunbaths or exercises that make them sweat.
  8) Colonotonia: To keep being healthy is cutting off all meat. It is extremely hard to find effective medicine. Swimming can be better than going to a sauna.

  Likewise, you can see there are different ways to eat and exercise according to your constitution. That is why the eight constitutions medicine is evaluated and recognized as a more and more significant medical diagnosis.

  4. Diet of the eight constitutions.
  When you know your constitution and exercise accordingly with adequate diet, the diet becomes just a course of curing constitution. Compared to so many tough diets, no diet is more beneficial and easier than the eight constitutions diet, as it can improve constitution. When you are aware of your constitution, go for the diet according to the adequate eating habits and right exercise for you.

  Everybody is born with their own constitution. It is unchanged and people live their lives with their own personality. As medical science advances, it is true luck to know, understand, and use this medicine. In the west, personalized medicine is becoming popular as they encounter their limits of medicine based only on symptoms and not considering individual constitution. We can find out our own constitution through this simple eight-constitution diagnosis. I hope Gachon college students keep aware of their own constitution and reinstate their pathologic status into a healthy status. By knowing your own constitution, I hope you live a happy and healthy life.

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