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Updated : 2016.12.24  21:35:08
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  Gachon Herald 33rd News Editor, Lee Hyun-young
  In my freshman year, I joined Gachon Herald by chance. At that time, I didn’t know that it would become the most important part of my life.
  I started asa cub reporter and I was happy that I could meet many people and have meaningful relationships with others. Gachon Herald was just a fresh new experience for me.
  Then I moved up to staff reporter. I felt great responsibility by becoming a staff reporter because I had juniors and played a more important role. I came to think about the weight of being a reporter.
  Eventually, I became a news editor and I was able to reflect upon myself even more. "Can I be a good model for the rest of the team as a news editor?" "Do I understand the thoughts of all members?" It wasnot only the most difficult year, it was also the most unforgettable year.
  Right now, as I finish this writing, a lot of people I have met through the Gachon Herald go through my mind. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who contributed to my growth. Also, I think that it is difficult to include all about my life at Gachon Herald within such a short article. To me, Gachon Herald was precious, is precious andwill always be precious.

  Gachon Herald 33rd Managing Director, Kim Na-Young
  Over the last three years, Gachon Herald was a huge part of my life. I grew up by writing news about a variety of subjects, such as introducing the latest news about our school, interviews with socially known people, and reporting on local stage&music. Most importantly, I met many people with whom I wanted to forever keep in touch.
  I remember my freshman year, when everything was so fresh to me, when I did Campus talk with my colleagues. We had to interview Gachon University students across the campus. Actually, I was a shy person, but I encouraged myself to think that this is an experience thata student journalist must do. The shyness I felt at first about Campus talk changed into joy. I found myself finding news topicsin every situation I faced in my daily life. These positive changes made me more confident about being a reporter of The Gachon Herald and made me live harder.
  I became a staff reporter after spending my time as a junior and I began to understand responsibility. I met many people in various fields, I got advice from them, and I had to learn how to treat my junior colleagues for the first time. It was harder than I expected. I ended my 2nd year of reporter life with them.
  My 3rd year I was managing director and it was the toughest but most meaningful year. To manage money required a cautious personality. At first I made a lot of mistakes, but I reduced them through trial and error. Also, I worked as a vice chairman of the 25th Gachon University Press council. To meet many people and communicate with them as a representative of Gachon University Press was a new happiness for me. The process was not easy, and I had a hard time, but I am thankful for the opportunity that was given to me and I did my best.
  After spending three years as a reporter for the Gachon Herald, I’m really relieved that I’m quitting … but also I’m very sad. I think that my memories of these times, when I met a lot of people and experienced new things, will remain for a very long time. I hope that many capable students join the Gachon Herald and I hope that our press will grow biggerin the future.

  Gachon Herald 33rd Education Director, Eom Jin-A
  From the time I first came to Gachon Herald as a patsy freshmen in 2014, to now when it has become such a big part of my life in 2016, I have been collecting good memories. When I first didcampus talk with my colleagues, I lost my shyness and met many valuable friends that I never thought I would make in university. I experienced and wrote for various sections such as, interview, experience, stage&music and so on.With Gachon Herald LT, I visited our president's house, I did various activities, and I met valuable superiors, colleagues, and juniors. Because of the Gachon Herald I did various activities and builtup my skills, and because of the Gachon Herald, a lazy girl learned to live an intentionally and worthy campus life. Frankly speaking, I didn’t like Gachon Herald at first because I couldn't play freely with my friends and my friends feltsympathy for me. But now, my friends envy me and I'm proud of myself. Now that retirement is just around the corner, I am surprised that I don’t feel not feelinghappierto be retiring. I feel lighthearted but empty, happy but sad. The Gachon Herald gave me many good memories and relations, so I am very happy because of it. Thank you.

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