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Open up your dream of a start-up in Silicon Valley, USA!Everything about the 'US Silicon Valley internship program'.
Lee Su-Jeong  |  sj971020@nate.com
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  With an ever-increasing number of college students who are interested in start-up businesses, there's an increased attention on the 'US Silicon Valley internship program.' It is a valuable program offers practical experience and provides a chance to be a part of a substantive task, rather than just simply doing errands such as making photocopies and coffee.
  Starting from the second semester of 2016, this program will be held every semester. A briefing session will be held at the end of the first month of every semester. After the briefing session, 15 students will be selected through applications and interviews. Only Gachon University students who are in their sophomore or senior year of college and are fluent in English can apply for this program. Students on leave of absence can apply only if they have submitted an application of return to school for the dispatch semester. When applying for this program, you have to submit an application form and documents for evaluation including an activity plan and a language score on English (Refer to the notices posted on the Gachon University website about detailed guidelines for submission of documents). When selected for the interview, English skills, academic ability, connectivity with the desired job, concreteness of the plan and activeness are some of the evaluation criteria. Overlapping applications for other abroad programs is not possible. Additionally, if you deliberately give up after being accepted to the program, you cannot apply to the program again. Finally, you can't apply while staying overseas.

  The duration of this program is 16 weeks and during this time, all students will live in a dormitory at Westmont Residential College, which is located in San Francisco, CA, USA. Students will take a class in Invention Hub and work as an intern in their selected companies. In order to partake in this program, students must complete 'Global start-up' (3 credits) during the seasonal session. While working as interns you can acquire six credits and take 'Innovation and foundation' and 'Culture of American cities' (three credits each) for a total of 12 credits. Students are liable for approximately $18,000 in tuition costs, practice expenses, room and board. Additionally, students have to pay expenses such as airfare, premium and personal cost of living as well as tuition of the seasonal session. However, students can receive a Gachon scholarship (President's special scholarship) that grants ₩3,300,000 for living expenses per person, and a 'Visiting student scholarship' that exempts students from the full amount of tuition for the dispatch semester. But if you give up the program midway or return to Korea early, you have to return all of the supported funds. Also, if you drop out of school after participating in the program, you have to return all of the support funds.

  Hong Ju-Pyung of Global Business Track (2012) who participated in this internship program in Silicon Valley, USA said, "In one class, the assignment was about selling products on the internet. Through this class, I learned the foundation and very first steps to marketing. Afterwards, I dreamed of finding my own start-up business. This has lead me to participate in this program. Three days a week, we work full time as interns and for two days we take classes. I learned through the classes that finding a company (start-up) should not just be about setting up a business purpose but something that should be done when there are no other businesses to solve a particular problem. This was a surprise to everyone but the classes taught me about start-ups and true entrepreneurship. There was a total 24 people living together including 10 Koreans, 13 Americans and one Canadian. We worked as interns individually at different companies.” Additionally, he added, “If you ask me whether I would recommend this program to juniors, then yes! I recommend it 100%! Since we use only English throughout the day, our linguistic abilities grew considerably. Furthermore, we were highly motivated because we lived together with people who were driven to accomplish their goals. We matured together by sharing values, and our views on true entrepreneurship were expanded. I highly recommend this program to students who want to set up a business at a global level, or who want to grow their dream of starting a business that have a sense of purpose, and also ‘for making a better world’.

  Internship at Silicon Valley, which is the place for people who are dreaming of their own start-up business, will arouse your entrepreneurial spirit and help you set up a future plan. This program is scheduled every semester. We hope students participate in this program with interest and accomplish their dream of finding their own business!

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