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I want to get a license!Certifications supported by Gachon University
Jin Ju-Young  |  jin970501@naver.com
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  Our university has opened special lectures on various qualifications during the vacation as well as during the semester in connection with outside professional faculty members. Students are also enjoying the benefit of receiving certificates and receiving scholarships according to grades; Grade A is 50,000 won, and Grade B is 30,000 won. However, in case of the same type of certification, duplicate benefits aren’t acknowledged. Let's take a look at three of the most popular certifications at our university.
The first is the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA). The ACA is an international certification test and is evaluated in CBT (Computer Based Test) format so you can get the test results immediately. This certification certifies semi-professional skills that enable planning, designing, building and maintaining effective communication using different types of media. For the ACA, our school teaches Photoshop CS6 & Illustrator CS6 and also provides class materials and images for free. The test takes place in a classroom on the last day of the lecture.
  The second is the graphics technology qualification (GTQ,) test using Photoshop. This certification is mutually acknowledged as an international IT qualification and as a graphic qualification in 48 countries around the world. The test is conducted once a month. In this lecture, class materials and images are provided free of charge, and are divided into national official, photo-shop, illustrator, and flash.
  The third is MOS, an international certification exam that is accredited by Microsoft. It is currently being implemented in 170 countries and 52 companies are offering additional points when hiring new employees. Tests are conducted from time to time and are evaluated in the CBT format so that the test results can be obtained immediately. At our school, they provide special lectures for Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. A MOS master certificate will be issued once all of them are mastered.

  The school also offers medical, humanities and engineering certifications for free. The first is the language qualification of Korean Language Proficiency Test and HSK. The Korean Language Proficiency Test is administered by KBS and is divided into five grades. In addition, it is possible to receive extra bonus points for the press agency, such as KBS, Seoul newspapers, and the Korean Army. The HSK certificate is divided into grade one and six, which is a test of Chinese proficiency. The test method is divided into two sections: a written test and an IBT test using a computer. Second, there is the Associate Financial Planner Korea (AFPK) and a certificate of management instructor in humanities related certificate. The qualifications of management instructors are designed to strengthen the competitiveness of minor enterprises. Certifications are divided into four areas: human resource management, financial management, production management, and marketing, and it is essential to counsel and manage small trader and minor enterprises. The AFPK is an essential qualification for obtaining an international recognition as a financial planner and is hosted by the Korea FP Association. The third is the engineering certification for mechanical designers and electricians. The mechanical designer’s certification is designed to cultivate the professional advanced technical skills required in the mechanical design field. This certificate is administered by the Korea Industrial Property Corporation and the test is conducted once a year. The electrician certificate covers all aspects of a technical qualification system for the motion, operation and maintenance of electric facilities. Plus, it is designed to increase safety and to prevent electrical disasters. This is carried out by the Korea Industrial Property Corporation three times a year.
  As such, our school supports many programs to help students. As with other sites, you don’t have to invest your own money at the initial application for obtaining your certification. Why not use the programs that are supported by our school, so that you can receive training and obtain a license for free?

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