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English in Korean
Jin Ju-Young  |  jin970501@naver.com
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  Would you believe that you can learn English by watching a play? A lot of people do not like to study English and easily feel bored with it, but you can enjoy learning English by playing a role in a play through the program, ‘English in Korea’. The site is available for everyone without any fee. Let’s find out more about ‘English is Korean’. 

  The biggest advantage of this site is that it is made by foreigners who are fluent in Korean. So this site gives great explanations on what Koreans have trouble understanding. This site is frequently used by Koreans because it introduces many expressions that native-speakers use. Sometimes, it is hard to translate Korean expressions into English that has the same meaning. The “How to express in English” section helps you learn expressions that are used in real life. It also helps you to avoid making any common mistakes by showing awkward English expressions, misleading expressions and mistaken expressions that Koreans often make. Moreover, unlike other websites, the special key point is that every lecture consists of a play which international friends play. If you study English by watching plays, you might feel like you are studying abroad in America. It’s as if you have traveled to America for free because they show American culture and life. 

  You can improve your conversational skills by repeating expressions and by using the ‘Audio Podcast’ application to download and study anywhere. You can test your skills for free and study through a book matched to your level from among the three levels. You can also learn difficult English expressions by repeating and reviewing these five steps; reading - listening - speaking - applying - quiz.
  There are a lot of people who think that English is boring. Now you can easily communicate in English through ‘English in Korean’. ‘English in Korean’ teaches English through role plays like you would watch at Daehangno. Plus, many Koreans who feel overwhelmed by private education fees are studying without using this kind of website. I hope that Gachon students will study using 'English in Korean' and stop thinking that English is hard to learn. Why don’t you enjoy studying English and use this free English learning website on your way to school?

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