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Let's become an owner of a vegetable garden!A garden project that lets you experience the preciousness of life and sharing.
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  Let’s tend a vegetable garden at the global campus of Gachon University! In 2016, Gachon University started a vegetable garden project that could help students who feel tired and stressed in their daily lives. This project’s purpose is to naturally teach the spirit of consideration, communication, cooperation, accountability and honesty by planting and growing plants. Also, students can be exposed directly to the natural environment through this activity and it helps students to find stability of mind. This can be an opportunity to improve the dignity of life beyond the preciousness of life. Let's take a closer look at the garden project which allowed the sloping school concrete staircase to become a shelter full of vitality.
  First, to participate in this project, you have to apply. You can download files from the school homepage and submit them through email or direct visits. Not only students but also faculty members working on campus can apply. It is mandatory for participants to take part in regular meetings once a month. It is grouped in teams of three to six people capable of participating in a regular meeting. The deadline for applications is from mid-March to early April. Finally, benefits of participating in the project are that you can taste the crops you grow, receive vegetables, excellent crop yields, and a related scholarship.  Activity methods are not difficult once you have applied. Of course, it can be difficult to use sandpaper on wood and fasten wood together with screws, but with a friend or companion, a wonderful portable vegetable garden can be made. In the first workshop, experts learn the common sense of garden skills and planting plants. Then once a month, they fertilize the plants, continue monitoring and caring for the plant's growth, and finally they harvest the crops. Gachon University students who participated in this program planted sweet potatoes, potatoes, blueberries, pine mushrooms, hydrangea, and they can also planted sunflowers and cherry tomatoes.

   “When I lived in a dorm, I did not even think about planting crops. But I heard that the project could help me learn about life and sharing, so I participated in the project. At first, I was worried because I had to gather the plants directly and put them into pots, but our instructors kindly helped us each step of the way. For this reason, I became more affectionate about my vegetable garden. After that, it was easy to do simple activities like watering. I hope there will be lots of good activities such as a vegetable garden!” (European Language & Literature, ‘16 Lee Da-eun)

 “The Garden Project provided a lot of visual pleasure for Gachon University students. I think it's a more meaningful activity because it reminds me of the area of life that gets ignored. If I participate again, I want to plant a big flower for all students to see.” (Public Administration, ‘16 Choi Soo-yeon).
Such a vegetable program offers a lot of satisfaction to participating students because they can be unified in sharing their experiences and working together. Also, you can experience human interaction so you can get a lot of memories and learning. Don't you want to work together to win an excellent vegetable garden prize? Let's become an owner of the garden project. You can team up and cooperate with your friends and the school staff, too!

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