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Ambitious Miss pepper at a Nationwide Singing ContestTrot singer Park Hye Sin who sings about life (Composition major, class of ‘01, Gachon University)
Park Mi-Jung  |  xxxmi1202@daum.net
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  Ignoring the public …’ Trot comes to a crisis. Since the 1910s, many local broadcasting companies cancelled trot concert programs. According to research by Deputy Choi Myeong Gil (Democratic Party), despite the high viewing rate, those programs were repealed. This is because the age of the main viewer group did not have enough purchasing power. Thus advertisements before the trot programs were not effective, and so the programs were cancelled. Likewise, trot is disappearing and being pushed out of Korea. However, with head unbowed to this, there is a graduate of Gachon University who is making efforts to rescue trot music. Let’s try to understand her effort through her experience and advice.

  1. You majored in classical music but what is the reason for having a profession in Trot?
  My mother used to work as a Trot singer, so I got so used to it that from an early age I too could sing trot before I could even say a word. But, my father majored in classical music and he recommended composition to me, so I majored in composition. However, since I heard mostly trot when I was little, I have always wished to do music that is closer to trot.

  2. Many people know what trot is, but trot does not seem appealing to young people. What attracts you in trot?
  I think trot is the only music that can express the spirit and sorrow of Korean people. It cannot be expressed with just one word, I think trot can make people say "Oh..!" after listening to it. I also try to spread this feeling to others.

  3. After your first stage appearance, I heard that you were shocked after watching a recording of it, so you found a problem and corrected it. However, young people nowadays tend to be afraid to see themselves objectively. So I want to hear your advice about that.
  I started to sing Trot with my sister with nothing at first. People work in the field of their specialty, but we just had passion for trot music. So, when I released my first album, it was hard to get acknowledged by others. No one recognized me in broadcasting stations since the album was roughly created without any advice on how to make an album. Afterwards, I went to 6 broadcasting stations and introduced myself from early in the morning until midnight in snowing and raining weather. I almost lived in my vocal practice studio spending at least 10 hours a day there. That is how much effort I have put into my music. I hope young people today make plans and try their best to achieve their goals and dreams.

  4. Because you are celebrity, did you have any difficulties from people’s attention or criticism?
  Of course there is pressure and I had to be careful about words and actions. However, that is the reason I can be objective about myself and correct my mind and attitude. Then my life became better every day from then.

  5. I heard that it is very important for singers to manage heir voice! How do you usually manage your body?
  I do not eat anything special but I eat everything well. Although I do not exercise regularly, if the weather is nice I will sometimes I go to the Han River and ride a bike or walk. A while ago, fans sent me deer mushrooms. My body normally has a lot of heat but those mushrooms made me more heated. (Laugh) I think I had a healthy birth when I was born. And I drink lots of water to manage the condition of my throat.

  6. I read an article called "donation star from Gwangju, Park Hye Sin." You appeared in the chowol-eub (village) event and donated the full amount of your guarantee. What makes you make such a huge decision?
  My parents go on many voluntary activities, and I am also interested in helping people in need. But I did not know how to help them at first. So, I made a resolution that "if there is opportunity, for me, I will do anything I can to help others.” Since it was an event to help unfortunate people, I decided to make a donation.

  7. Until now, you have had many ups and downs in success. What made you lead your failure into success?
  I do not want to say my failure is a failure. I think there can be success because there was failure. So I love to challenge myself and not afraid to fail. And I try really hard to not be a coward who is afraid of trying. Always try your best, practice, practice, practice, and do your best. I would like you guys to always keep these three things in your mind.

  8. Lastly, do you have a word of advice for Gachon university students!
  In 2017, always do your best and try hard. You will become greedy if you have a goal, so then you might become impatient and you might feel like "why not me?" However, if you act seriously and sincerely, even if it takes time, the day will come when other people will recognize your efforts. Then, I think you can become a great person.

  The most emphasized part of this interview was, ‘effort’. As you read the interview, you can see how she tried harder than anyone else in the field of trot, even though it is thought of as "old music" to us. It is not only her that has a dream to achieve something but also everybody else. It can be a narrow and difficult field like a trot, and that can make you feel uncomfortable and limited. Whenever we feel limited, let's ask ourselves ‘did I really try my best?’ Let’s learn to love challenges without being afraid of failure like Park Hye Sin did. You can compose the rhythm of your life!

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