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  Korea regards English so important in daily life so that we could say that our first foreign language is English. We study English for 12 years to prepare for the university entrance exam and Gachon University has designated English as mandatory in liberal arts. However, even if they get the opportunity to live in an English-speaking country, most people avoid the opportunity or opt to return home early. This is because we cannot understand the culture of English speaking countries because we have sought to study English language only through memorization. In order to solve this chronic problem, Korea’s first English newspaper, THE KOREA TIMES, has been helping Korean people to learn English and understand the culture of English-speaking countries by providing NIE (Newspaper In Education) TIMES.
  NIE TIMES is a site offered by an organization of expression named THE KOREA TIMES. It offers various newspaper articles including, dramas, movies, lyrics, and various kinds of jokes that can be heard in English speaking countries. NIE TIMES provides a ‘News section’, newspapers in English and Korean, and ‘Practical English’ through movies. NIE Times also offers, ‘Preparing for an English certification test’, which provides 2~4 problems from TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS, TOEIC SPEAKING, and ‘An actual English study’ that introduces the culture of a country through an actual example.

  The ‘News section’ is divided into ‘Overseas News’ where people can learn English through overseas news reports, and ‘Domestic News’ articles about domestic events. The two sections illustrate the key grammar, words, phrases from various sectors in various fields. These sectors include; politics, society, economics, culture, etc. This section is updated once every two or three days. In addition to the latest articles, there are advantages in seeing major articles in English and Korean from as back as 2007. ‘Practical English’ consists of three main sections: “Live English in Drama’, featuring major phrases and grammar through the a drama series; and ‘Screen English’ from movies; and ‘Learn English with pop songs’ through pop songs.

  ‘An actual English study’ section regularly updates three sections among the seven sections. Two sections are totally provided for Korean people. These include; ‘English inside the culture’, which illustrates the use of English words and idioms in a picture; and ‘A local English conversation course’, which gives a detailed description of the phrases frequently used by native speakers. An interesting feature on NIE TIMES is the ‘Easy to Learn Korean Words and Phrases’ section, which teaches commonly used Korean phrases to foreigners who are learning Korean. This is also to inform you that it is a ‘site having wide range of readers’ that can be accessed by foreigners as well as Koreans. 

  In November 2005, YTN evaluated through the ‘THE KOREA TIMES, that fulfilled orders worth 20,000 dollars’ at NIE TIMES (http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/LTNIE/learningtimes.asp) has a leadership role in English language newspapers. Through these activities, they have maintained the legitimacy of English journalism.’ If you are interested in the culture of the Americas, or if you are considering studying abroad, why don’t you try their language and culture through this website first before you go?

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