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With lots of negative reviews, does Phantom really do well?Based on a novel The Phantom of the Opera, gains or losses?
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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Updated : 2017.03.16  18:11:02
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  In seeing any movie or soap opera, reviews certainly vary based on various perspectives. We write reviews more positively if our favorite actors or actresses are in the movie and we can write reviews very objectively if they are not in the movie. In fact, we live in a period with so much information that we do not need to experience everything personally, but instead, we can simply read other people’s reviews first. Then we can decide whether we want to experience something or not. However, it is quite difficult to judge which information is the right one. Phantom is one of examples of this case. There are many positive reviews and many negative reviews about this musical. We need to decide which opinion is true. 

  ★☆☆☆☆ – People’s reviews about Phantom on the internet!!

  When searching people’s reviews about Phantom, most people wrote that ‘Park Hyo Shin’ (a musical actor and a singer) did a fabulous job in Phantom, but there are negative reviews about the musical. People claim that this musical, a follow-up to Phantom of the opera, does not talk enough about the love story between the main characters, Eric (the phantom) and Christine (main woman character). This follow-up to Phantom of the opera doesn’t have much of a love story because it mainly talks about Eric’s youth, his family and his loneliness
  ★★☆☆☆ – Price, location and time table
  The cheapest seat A is 70,000won, the next seats; S, R, and VIP, are 90,000won, 120,000won and 140,000won each. There are some cheaper tickets for weekday afternoons. There is other discount information so it is better to research about them before purchasing your tickets. If we we do not get discounts, musicals are quite expensive for students to watch. Phantom start times are at 2pm, 5pm and 6:30pm on weekends. However, for this musical, most shows on weekdays start at 8pm and finish at 11:05pm. Therefore, if you do not have your own car, you may have a problem with transportation so you have to find out last bus and subway time carefully. This Musical takes place at Bluesquare located at Hangangjin station, Line 6, Exit 2.
  ★★★☆☆ – Casting

  Musical actors or actresses work in shifts. Their schedules are divided by days or hours so that audience can choose the day when their favorite actors or actresses are on and reserve tickets. The reason why Phantom is so famous is because the famous singer ‘Park Hyo Shin’ as cast as the main character. Gachon Herald’s reporters reserved the ticket for the day when ‘Park Hyo Shin’ acted because we wanted to know about the truth of his ticket power. Tickets for days that ‘Park Hyo Shin’ acted were almost sold out but many tickets for days when other musical actors acted were abundant.  

  ★★★★☆ – Content of the musical
  The content of the musical was different from what I saw in the reviews before watching the show. When viewing Blog reviews or other reviews about this musical, people felt bad that there is a lack of a love story around Eric. Actually, after watching this musical, I found out that three love stories are part of the main themes of the musical and are related to Eric; love between Eric and Christine, love between Eric and his mother who died when Eric was young, and love between Eric’s mother and his father. Luckily, the content of the musical is very similar to what we know from Phantom of the Opera so that it was not difficult to understand Phantom’s story. Lastly, even though this musical was about a ghost, it was awesome that there were some funny dialogues between actors and actresses that made the audience laugh a lot.
  ★★★★★ – How did the reporters of Gachon Herald feel?
  The managing editor of Gachon Herald, Jang Ji Young said, “This musical’s conclusion was so impressive because the last dialogues between the Phantom and his dad were so sad. Many audience members sitting near me sniffled in that last scene. Maybe these images will last long.” Also, the reporter of Gachon Herald, Park Mi Jung showed her positive opinion about this musical by saying, “After watching this musical, I thought that I wanted to go to England to watch a musical. I feel that England is the home of musicals. ‘Phantom’ was a big and touching experience as well as a new cultural experience”. 

  There is a saying, ‘Great boast, small roast’. It figuratively means that there is nothing in famous parties when people have high expectations and it also means that rumors are not always true. But Phantom was different. This is because the acting of the Phantom and Christine (who is Phantom’s love) seemed so real. This musical is so recommendable even if readers are not fans of ‘Park Hyo Shin’. You will feel a big attraction from Phantom’s literary value, too.

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