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Let’s take care of our health
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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Updated : 2017.03.16  18:49:18
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  After the 2nd semester of 2016, winter vacation has come to Gachon university. Many students planned for their vacations and so that they might fully enjoy their holidays. However, Gachon Herald reporters were different from most students. As soon as winter vacation started, they needed to prepare for the 133rd edition of Gachon Herald. Reporters prepared proposals for their articles and they had meetings twice a week until the end of January. Because reporters spent most of their time working on the Gachon Herald, reporters including me did not have time to take care of our health.
  Indeed, our jobs can be done well when we are healthy. If we are physically or mentally ill, we cannot do our best while working. From 2017, as the chief editor, I led reporters to not only write English articles, but also to make Gachon Herald promotion materials to publicize the Gachon Herald, participate in university events, and collect news from those events. Therefore, we were busier than last vacation. So, there is no doubt that all reporters were mentally or physically exhausted. For example, they could not go to bed for two or three days while writing English articles, they had a hard time travelling far away to cover news, so they were physically tired. Moreover, even though a cold wave continued for a while, we had our meetings and revised our articles. It took so long, which made our reporters mentally tired. Actually, reporters and I caught the flu so it was hard for us to follow the Gachon Herald schedule. This is because we had to come to school to revise our articles, watch school events and take pictures for news. Also, we spent our spare time for the Gachon Herald.
  Therefore, after releasing the 133rd edition of Gachon Herald, I do hope our reporters lie down on their beds and take some rest in their home. They do not have to worry about my emergency calls or messages. Besides, from now on, I will take care of my health condition and my reporters’ health conditions because it will help them concentrate on writing articles. 

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