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I am also a normal personMovie that tells ‘Treating someone as an ordinary person can make her or him feel special’, Untouchable
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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Updated : 2017.03.16  18:55:34
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  Other people’s prayers and worries can sometimes help when a person has disabilities or has caught a fatal disease. However, too much attention from others sometimes makes them feel uncomfortable. It is just like, ‘I am also a normal person but people treat me too special so that I just want normal hands'. Untouchable. This is the movie that is based on this kind of story. Two characters who have different statuses and physical conditions become best friends like there is no other in the world. Maybe, consideration for each other could help them become best friends but able-bodied Driss actually helps Philippe and him to become close friends. This is because Driss treats Philippe in an easy and free way. 

  Driss is poor but he is very active and healthy. On the other hand, Philippe is rich but is a quadrapalegic due to an accident, plus he lost his wife in the past so he only has a daughter.
  Driss and Philippe are not friends in the beginning of the movie. Driss is poor so he needs to get a confirmation stamp from interviews to get welfare money. That is why he goes to an interview place where they look for a person who can take care of the disabled Philippe for 24hours. Inside the interview room, Driss sees Philippe and surprisingly, Driss does not have any reservation about his disability but Driss freely talks about music to him. He also treats him so friendly. Philippe employs Driss because he saw Driss’s attitude was positive. While looking after Philippe, Driss acts like he is Philippe’s friend. For example, he recommends cigarettes to Philippe, and actively tells Philippe that it will be exciting to drive a cool luxury car instead of a handicapped people-only car even though Philippe suffers from total paralysis. Indeed, Driss gives Philippe a ride in a luxury car. They talk frankly about their personal views on music and art like ordinary friends. Moreover, when Philippe avoids showing himself to a woman he keeps in touch with, because of his disability, Driss gives Philippe confidence by saying that that woman will absolutely love Philippe. This scene gives a lesson; having a disability is not someone’s fault. Like this, Driss does not feel pity for Philippe’s disorder but Driss always treats Philippe as his good friend. 

  However, a critical situation comes up for them. Driss has a family problem because he has many siblings that he needs to take care of. Philippe thinks that Driss cannot care for his family because of him. So, Philippe tells Driss to go back home. After that, Philippe employs replacement for himself, and goes back home to start another job. Unlike Driss, the newly employed person treats Philippe too carefully. Philippe is often angry with the newly employed person and also grumbles to him. That shows that Philippe misses Driss. They live apart from each other for many days but Driss visits Philippe because he hears that Philippe has a problem. When they meet again, Driss suggests Philippe to go on a trip together with him. On that trip, they get time to know more deeply about each other. Driss arranges meetings for Philippe and the woman that Philippe lost contact with and this movie ends with this scene. The ending scene also shows the real characters’ and points out that they are still close.
  One day, a TV documentary program televised a disabled swimmer’s practicing scene. At that time, I began to study harder under the stimulus of that disabled swimmer’s hard work. I thought I needed to try my best in life, like that swimmer. However, after watching Untouchable, and thinking about that sight again, I think that the disabled swimmer wanted to show that he or she is the same as an ordinary person when compared to able-bodied people. This movie is recommendable because it teaches that in treating disabled people, the most desirable way is to treat them without prejudice.

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