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 When we study a certain subject, we do not simply read textbooks. Instead, we do in-depth study by using various media such as related publications, videos, and Internet. Like this, more and more people are adapting to media utilization studies. TV411 is a free English study website which helps students to improve their English skills through many mediums such as videos, workbooks, and e-learning. The TV411 website puts students on the path to achieving their individual goals by helping them gain basic reading, writing, mathematical and scientific knowledge and abilities.

 TV411 is comprised of six sections: Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Math, Science and Finance.
Reading helps students increase skills such as comprising and summarizing methods and maps, medicines, or label reading methods. In writing, as well as grammar, touch on a method to learn how to creatively write a story about yourself. For example, under the topic 'HOW TO WRITE A POEM', the student learns sensual expressions or words used in poetry. And they practice composing their own poem by applying the skills they just learned. In the “vocabulary” section, you can study not only the simple meaning and pronunciation of words but also study how it can be adapted in life. In the Math section, they cover the way of looking for rate or average rate, and calculating in daily life. In Science, there is a part called ‘What’s cooking?’, which compares a difficult science phenomenon to an easy cooking process to facilitate understanding. For instance, there is one video that interestingly explains the scientific facts about the propagation of bacteria in yogurt. In the section about Finance, students can study economic knowledge about income, expenses, saving, and investment. This section helps students greatly because it offers a lot of useful information like how to use money wisely or how to express calculating in real life.
 You can study by effectively using various mediums because this website provides videos, web lessons, and worksheets. Also, you can find these tools in all sections of website. I especially recommend that students utilize the ‘Reading’ section and ‘Writing’ section for there are a lot of substantive issues. First, in a video, you can study by selecting one of the short videos about 120 diverse subjects. At this point, a lively native speaker explains the subject in the videos. So, you can acquire conversation skills used in real life. Web lessons related to topics are given with videos. You can answer the questions and get feedback from an English teacher by using this. Also, if you want additional learning, you can download worksheets from the site.
 In TV411, there is a personal portfolio page. So, you can check your student record on the subjects you have studied. In addition, students can study effectively because they can check their current learning state on this site. To use the portfolio page, you have to sign up; this process is free and is not difficult to use. Thus, it will be good for you to sign up and make your own portfolio pages.
 Through learning using various mediums, students can enrich their study and make their own study environment by themselves. In this way, I hope that students achieve their goal by studying English efficiently and utilizing a lot of the mediums available on this site.

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