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Leap to Global Talent, English Competency Graduation Certification SystemEnglish Competency Graduation Certification_ Essential requirement to graduate
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 Gachon University has been implementing English Competency Graduation Certification, which has been applied to students since 2009 in order to improve the English ability of graduates and to cultivate talents in accordance with the global era. English Competency Graduation Certification is a system that requires a TOEIC or Mock TOEIC score, which must be acquired for graduation in each department. You must get your certification at least 6 months before graduation, but it is good to prepare in advance in order to avoid any delays in graduation.
 First, let’s find out how to check the English Graduation Certification Qualification criteria. The qualification criteria varies according to each department and the number of students. So it is necessary to find your own criteria. Qualification criteria can be found in [Gachon University’s main website→General Academic Affairs (top of page)→Graduation, Early graduation→Graduation Candidates→English Competency Graduation Certification→criteria table for each student number]. Now that you have checked your qualification criteria, let’s learn how to get a qualification. There are two ways to acquire qualification: 1) acquire standard score (shown in the criteria table) through a TOEIC test, and 2) through replacement (alternative) program.
 The replacement program is for students who took a TOEIC test during the school year but could not meet the graduation certification criteria. The Gachon International Language Center (GILC) offers English classes for juniors and seniors in the form of seasonal classes. The graduation certificate qualification may be acquired according to the result of the evaluation. The period of classes is four times during the year, both during the semester and holiday times. The classes are generally opened in April, June, October, and December. An application form should be downloaded from the school homepage and completed a month before the course is taken. Depending on the number of applicants, there will be 15 to 30 students assigned per class. The tuition is 300,000 won. The program runs for a total of 40 hours. Some of the courses include basic business conversation (TOEIC speaking), English resume and self-introduction, and basic grammar. After completing all the courses, students will be assessed with a certain grade. At this time, students must attain a final test result including the final examination with a score of 70 or higher, and homework and attendance with a score of 85% or more to get certified that the program has been completed.
 The replacement programs can be a good alternative for students who have little time to study TOEIC or feel pressured by TOEIC. "I've been taking TOEIC for 4 years, but I was worried that I could not graduate because I was a bit short on the score but I could finally graduate, thanks to the replacement program. I heard that there are quite a few students who are delaying graduation because of their TOEIC score. It was a program that gave me the feeling that ‘the school would take care of their students’ school lives ‘till graduation.’ (Seong Hae-Jin of Health Care Management 2013)”
 To apply for a program, you can download the application from the notice page of the website and submit it offline by going to the GILC, room 109 directly, or online by email at kilc@gachon.ac.kr. However, in case of employed students, they must submit a proof of employment with their application. For more information, contact the Gachon International Language Center at 031-750-5646.
 The first way for students who have obtained an official TOEIC score to submit grades is to submit a certificate (scorecard) to the GILC. In the case of certifications by mock TOEIC or by replacement program, the GILC may reflect the data processing automatically, so you do not have to submit any other documents. Finally, to find out whether you are qualified or not for your graduation certificate, you can check it yourself through [WEB Bachelor's Administration Integrated Information System→Undergraduate Bachelor→School Register Management→Basic Management→Personal School Register Management→Graduation Information].
 To grab both graduation and English ability, I hope you will be able to obtain a graduation certification through a well-planned studying schedule. Students who have difficulties obtaining TOEIC scores are also encouraged to participate in replacement programs that are conducted every year. It does not only certify graduation but also enhances English skills.


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