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The law I want to make if I become a legislator
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 Law is a social norm that involves the dignity of the nation and is an important part of our society. Because law applies to all sectors of society, all members of society are granted rights and responsibilities. For example, all members of society use the legal systems when they make a contract to work part-time, buy a new cell phone, or even use public transportation to pay for transportation expenses. Sometimes, however, there is something unfair about the law because of some regulations that are somewhat separated from reality. Therefore, we decided to listen to the opinions of students on which laws they wanted to enact, to modify or to abolish.


Eun-Jung Hwang (Department of Facility Fire and Engineering, class of ‘17)
 Recently, while watching the TV show called "Infinite Challenge", I realized that there are many practical laws that are created for our real society. And I thought it would be nice if laws were more directly applied to the real world. If I become a legislative lawyer, I want to make laws that meet the needs of citizens of our country and actively reflect reality.

 Yong-Ho Lee (Department of Chemical Engineering and Science, class of ‘17)

 I would like to make a law in regard to the distribution of prison aid, based on the gravity of crimes. I believe that prisoners should be graded according to the gravity of their crimes. Prison welfare should be distributed according to the seriousness the crime because the nation also pays taxes for prisoners.


Ji-Woo Choi (Department of Fashion and Design, class of ‘17)
 I would like to make a bill to impose more penalties on crimes related to drunkenness. The crime perpetrated by a person who is unable to make good judgments due to excessive drinking, the damage inflicted on the victim is much worse. If it is not a light crime, but a serious crime like a sex crime or hit-and-run crime, it is ridiculous to try to justify them under the cover of “drunkenness”.

 Jae-Won Kim (Department of Medical Service Engineering, class of ‘17)

 I think we should operate night-self studying in Gyeonggi-do, because without night self-studying at school, dependence on private academies will only increase. As a result, there will be an increase in the number of students who attend academies and the other students who study less will lose interest in studying.

 Myung-Hoon Park (Department of Media Advertising, class of ‘13)

 I'd like to make a law to increase the number of buses during the rush hours. In my case, it takes three whole hours to commute to and from school. However, it is inconvenient that the number of buses plying between schools is limited. Sometimes, although I have come out at the right time, I get left behind because there are so many people waiting to get on the bus. I think that as the number of buses increases, the gap between the buses will decrease.

 Seung-ju Lee(Department of Computer Science ‘12)
 I would like to enact a bill that would require public spaces designed especially for blind people including restaurants. Visually impaired people often depend on guide dogs to move round, but they are sometimes rejected from the entrance due to sanitation problems. I believe that people who are blind also need a system that guarantees them the right to use restaurants or public places.


Ji-won Oh (Department of Food and Nutrition ‘14)
 I think it is necessary to improve the treatment of non-regular workers. The status of non-regular workers in our society is very low. This is because they are perceived to be as disposable as any other disposable item. Although labor protection laws are already enacted, they are not doing well to protect non-regular workers. In Japan, there is an "Equal Labor Opportunity" policy that requires similar jobs to be paid similarly regardless of employment patterns or status. With reference to the mentioned policy, improvement of awareness and treatment of our country’s irregular workers should also be made.

 Mi-eun Kwon(Department of Business Administration ‘17)

 I hope to strengthen penalties for crimes committed by minors. A recent teen high school student who killed a nine-year-old teenager shocked our society. There are some minors, who commit crimes and overlook the seriousness of criminal behavior; because they know that penalty for minors is not very serious.

 Byeong-jun Yu (Department of Law ‘17)
 For the first time in history, the president was discharged by impeachment. Through this process, people had difficulty and felt uneasy in conveying their opinions and thoughts. The country is currently in a state of community recall, and I thought it was necessary to address the limits of representative democracy by introducing the people’s recall system.

 Ji-woo Kim (Department of Law ‘14)

 I want to abolish the relative evaluation system. Relative evaluations that make people judge objectively their abilities and potentials are unreasonable. A new standard is needed to demonstrate each individual's potential. An evaluation system based on relative evaluation is merely an overheating of the competitive system.


Nicholas Nguyen (Department of Global Management ‘17)
 I heard that foreigners could be deported if they were caught in a fight. Therefore, it is difficult to help someone even if they are in danger. In this situation, I think it is necessary to make laws to protect foreigners.

Phouthamaly Louanedouangchanh (Liberal arts department ‘16)
 I would like to have support for foreign students. When I come to a foreign country, I often face financial difficulties.

 I listened to various opinions from students at Gachon University. Now I am more able to identify the students’ deeper interests in society, and I can clearly hear the voices of the students who felt the need for changes in society through a new legal system. Finally, we would like to introduce a way to facilitate government engagement or comment on the legal system.
 The method is simple. First, access the 'People's Participation' homepage and click on the 'Policy Engagement' banner on the top menu bar. The engagement policy is comprised of 'Policy discussion', 'Electronic public hearings' and 'Survey', and it is designed to reflect the diverse voices of people in policy-making. If you really want to participate, you can write a comment by clicking on the policy of the interested party or by clicking on the topic of interest.

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