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Let’s catch two birds with one stone; career and graduation requirements through a volunteering subject!The volunteering subject that helps you to know yourself through various activities
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 Do you know that there’s a volunteering class, which counts as a qualification for graduation? Students who started their grades after 2014, must take this class for graduation. This program was opened to help students form desirable personalities and aims for a life of helping society. Another purpose for volunteering is to actively contribute to the communities around Gachon University. This program can be a chance to experience volunteering for many students who haven’t had much interest, and it would be nice to find out the meaning of volunteering. Now, let’s see how we can take this program.
 Volunteering class can be completed in one semester and is for those who are enrolled after the 15th grade. Students who couldn’t register for the class in advance, can enroll by visiting the Student Service Center in Vision Tower. The grade for the volunteering class is recorded after the submission period, so you cannot check your grade during grade-checking period. Furthermore, if you finish the program during the first semester, your grade will be given in September or October, and the second semester’s grades in the following March or April. Grades are marked as P/F and this program does not give any credit. Students can freely choose which volunteering organization considering time, distance, volunteering content, etc. You can work for a maximum of 8 hours per day, however less than 30 hours of volunteering in total will not be accepted. To prevent volunteering activity certificate forgery, Gachon University only accepts certificates issued by VMS or 1365 Volunteering Center. If your certificate is not issued by VMS or 1365 Volunteering Center, you must ask Arum-Sam Volunteer Group in advance for an examination. Credit recognizing may be difficult in this case.
 The volunteering period is from May to July and you can turn your papers into your department’s office. On-campus volunteering such as, Gachon Ambassador, Global Zone English Mentor, TA of genius education center, and large lecture assistant, have to submit papers to the department. The documents to be submitted include a statement of work experience, basic education report, disability education report, and a certificate of volunteer work. Volunteering performance certificates must be printed out for the period of service. All report forms can be downloaded from the social service education guide (Cultural necessity) in the Gachon University website.
 You should pay close attention to private institutions such as profitable organizations, religious institutions, and political organizations that are not counted as volunteering. During the service period, blood donation can be approved up to twice with four hours at a time, and for component blood donation, up to three times with four hours on each count. The maximum number of hours admitted by blood donation is 16 hours.
 One of the biggest benefits of this program is that you can get experience in the areas that you are interested in. “Social volunteering subjects seem to allow students to find and apply for volunteering, so the students who participate in it can be more energetic. In my case, I like children, so I taught them how to play with activities. It was a making-blackboard class, and it was meaningful to fill the volunteer time and to meet the children through volunteer work. In addition, I have been cleaning and disinfecting toys from free toy rental stores and cleaning books in the library. (Jisoo Kang, English Literature major, class of ’16)”
 For more information, call the student welfare center, or visit the student council on the 3rd floor of the student hall. The phone number of the student welfare center is 031-250-5780~1, and the e-mail address is community@gachon.ac.kr. Visit the social volunteering service website to get more information. The website address is http://volunteer.gachon.ac.kr. It could be possible to find a new area of interest that you didn't know about by doing volunteer work related to your future job. I hope you have a meaningful volunteer work experience by completing the social service classes in advance.

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