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The central orientation for freshmen has changedReducing the crowd by having separate OTs for each college
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Updated : 2012.04.02  11:51:26
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  The orientation for freshmen was held differently from that of last year. Last year’s orientation was with all the new freshmen gathered at the same time at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. On the other hand, this year’s orientation was from 2/13~17, and on the 20; it was held by each department at different dates and locations in order to prevent a large crowd. Below is the schedule of the orientation.

schedule College
2.13 Mon. College of Humanities, College of Law, College of Oriental Medicine.
2.14 Tue. College of Business & Economics, College of BioNano Technology.
2.15 Wed. College of Human Ecology, College of Global General Education.
2.16 Thu. College of Engineering, College of Arts & Design.
2.17 Fri. College of Information Technology, College of Natural Science.
2.20 Mon. School of Music.

OT was taken place for 6 days from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00. The College of Business & Economics and College of Engineering were conducted on the same date, dividing them up in morning and afternoon time slots. The central OT was divided into two parts. The first part was proceeded by colleges, including a university promotion video, opening speech, and the Pledge of Allegiance, etc. Along with the greeting of the dean, professors were introduced to the freshmen. A welcome speech from the president of our university was shown via video. Also, to help the freshmen, the school distributed printed materials about the school facilities and an administration guide. In addition, the masters of ceremonies explained the academic calendar, library, and scholarship programs. After that a university promotion video by the student council TOC TALK was shown and the members of each college student council were introduced. They explained the special features of their college and majors. Then the first part ended with an intermission break.
  The second part of the orientation was by each department of college. The greeting of the dean and introducing of professors continued, and they provided information on each major’s vision, development plan, student guidance, and employment as well as how to register for classes. Then the second part ended with the introduction of the student council for each major.
  As this year’s orientation was held by each college, it caused fewer disturbances and the event was easier to manage. The seats for freshmen were plentiful, inconveniences being reduced. Colleges offered refreshments and a pamphlet for orientation. However, as the orientation was divided by colleges on different dates, it was less amusing since there weren’t any special guest singers. Unfortunately the freshmen seemed to lack interest, looking disappointed.


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