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Those who pursue the light of truth.About true journalism; Spotlight & All the President's Men
Lee In-Sun  |  leeis98@naver.com
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Updated : 2017.10.30  18:48:33
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hat is the true role of the press? There is a lot of distrust in the media in Korea. It may be inevitable to see distrust in the media and the dishonor of 'Kireggi' in this era where copying other articles and promotional articles from company marketing departments are spreading without considering the facts. The media, which should be our eyes and ears, are covering their eyes and blocking their ears. Here are two movies that should alarm our reporters. It is the movie Spotlight & All the President's Men that deal with the true role and good effects of media and reporters.

  1. Spotlight
  The priest of the Catholic Diocese of Boston molests some children, but the church attempts to cover it up as much as possible, and the incidents eventually ends up getting buried. Then years later in 2002, Marty Baron gets newly appointed as the new editor of Boston Globe, Boston’s largest news media. By getting to the bottom of this incident, he tries to reveal the inside facts of systems that have been building in absurd ways. And here, the ‘Spotlight team’ goes into it. The team reports the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse cases despite the huge power of the church. Members of the team; passionate journalist ‘Mike’, righteous ‘Brian’, charismatic leader ‘Robbie’, and the only woman ‘Sasha’, search for the truth and conclusive evidence. Each of them continues to report by meeting the victims and their families. They console and persuade them. Also, they managed to constantly cajole the people in society. The closer they get to the truth, the greater the control and pressure of the invisible forces that try to block the truth. Nevertheless, to make the world known that has been tolerated for a long time, the Spotlight team puts up the best team play by collecting more data and persuading people.

  2. All the President's Men
  In the middle of the night, five gunmen enter Democrat Teddy Kennedy’s office in the Watergate Building with guns, wiretaps and a handful of 100 dollar notes. They get arrested by the police and the editor of the Washington Post, ‘Woodward (Robert Redford)’, a second-year reporter, reports on the case. After that, it is found that in the notes from the five gunmen, there is the name of a White House official who worked at Nixon’s re-election committee. Woodward suspects him, so he tracks the serial numbers of the bills from the five gunmen, and track their relationship to the Nixon re-election committee. ‘Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman)’, an old-timer, who has watched it with interest, decides to assist Woodward’s article and they start to share the case together.
  Despite the strongest potential candidate for president Nixon’s omnidirectional sabotage, through an internal tip-off from the White House officials and several reporters, Woodward and Bernstein finally obtain crucial evidence wired to prove the relationship with President Nixon and the sabotage about Democrats. 

  Everyone knows that it is the role of the press to monitor power and stand in for common people. However, those with power use the media for their own political purposes, and most media reports hide the truth from the people or simply stop at the mere listing of the facts. It is a reality that if they reveal hidden truths in articles or point out problems, they lose their position. Can we say that media, at its best, minds the people who have power and only pour out the words that fit their favor? In the chaotic situation like Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil -gate events, which has recently been raised in our country, I hope that this article will be an opportunity to think about what the true role of the press is and what attitude the public should have.

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