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Actual work and Employment, Catching two rabbits by IPP program.IPP program, practicing in corporation while studying.
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These days, many senior students are interested in programs related to employment, so they are used to finding programs that are related to employment. Time would feel like gold to them. For students like these, Gachon University is giving lots of opportunities to work in corporation related to school by IPP program. IPP means Industry Professional Practice, the program students can work in corporation while attending school. 
The IPP Program consists of two programs. One is called Work-and-Learn system. Another one is called Long-term field practical training. In Work-and-Learn system, students get school training for 6 months first and then work in corporation for 6 months. On the contrary, Long-term field practical training is filled with practical works related to corporation for 4 to 6 months. Two programs have common ground in the sense that students work in corporation. The only difference is the existence of school practice.
Basically Work-and-Learn system and Long-term field practical training recruit senior students in third and fourth grade. Work-and-Learn system recruits students from Department of Computer Science, Department of Electronic Engineering, Business Administration track. Long-term field practical training recruits students from Department of Architecture Engineering, Equipment system Fire Engineering, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering College and Department of Computer Science, Department of Electronic Engineering of IT college and Department of English Language and Literature of Humanities College and Department of Fashion Design of College of Arts.
Selection procedure may take some time but is not that difficult. You can simply download the application form and submit an email including application, resume, self-introduction, agreement for access to your personal information, and possible meeting schedule. After that, individual or group meeting will be conducted for introducing company to those who received private notice of meeting schedule. After you refine and finalize your resume and self-introduction document, your documents will be checked and evaluated, and each company will conduct an interview.
First of all, in Work-and-Learn system, there is a program you can join called OFF-JT and you can earn grades from it. OFF-JT(Off-the Job Training) is a program in which you can get an academic training that is associated with a company. Secondly, there is OJT program. OJT(On-the Job Training) is a program in which you can participate in on-site training and actual work. In Off-campus training, you can take a lecture about how to write self-introduction and interview knowhows(tips), through the special lecture and presentation. Also, you can take a IPP major lecture which is opened in each department. You can get 2 credits by off-campus training every month, 16~18 credits by academic training which is a part of Work-and-Learn system, 9 credits by major seasonal semester, and 10 credits by major-selection practical training.
Except for the credits, you can get advantages associated with the program. First of all, if you missed a course during the semester to attend an IPP lecture, you can take IPP major during seasonal semester which is opened only for IPP students. What's more is that it's free (The tuition fee is free of charge). Secondly, you can earn money, at least 1.2 million won a month. Thirdly, you can work safely for the company cooperating with your college(university) at a job related to your current major. Lastly, and most importantly, it is the best chance for you to have social and work experience before graduation, because you are actually employed as a contract worker. When you are done with the training, you can get a job after graduation. In the practical ability centered society, it is important to utilize and experience what you know rather than simply gathering information about employment. Improve your skills and practical abilities rather than simply tracking the flow and building up the specs and academic clique. If you want to find your talent, improve your skills and get a job experience efficiently, I strongly recommend the IPP program for you.
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