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Michigan State University (MSU)
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  In 2003, Gachon University’s global campus set up a sisterhood relationship with Michigan State University. The agreement includes exchange student programs, promotion of joint research and faculty exchange. Even prior to the agreement, student exchange and the joint hosting of an international seminar have taken place between the two universities.

  Michigan State University is a public university founded in 1855. It is located in Michigan State’s East Lancing region and the area of the campus is around 21km2. East Lancing is a large university town and people aged from 15 to 24 make up to 60 percent of its population. About 16,000 students are living in 23 dormitories, and the campus is divided into North and South. On the North campus, buildings are built in Gothic style while the South campus shows off many International-style buildings. The campus motto is ‘Advancing Knowledge’ and ‘Transforming Lives’ ; the school mascot is called Sparty, which wears Greek clothing and stands for Sparta’s healthy warrior. MSU’s sports teams are called ‘Spartans’.

  The current number of undergraduates and graduate students studying at MSU is around 36,489 and 10,789. They are ranked 7th for having the most students among American Universities. In the ‘Financial Times,’ MSU’s global MBA ranking was 17th in America and 31st amongst the world’s universities. MSU’s leading research departments are in Supply-Chain Management, Packing and Wrapping, Hotel Management, Telecommunication and Music Therapeutics . Among these, U.S. News and World Report ranks the Supply-Chain Management program no. 2 in the US.

  Now, more than 1000 Korean students are studying in MSU, and Korean students founded the KSO(Korean Student Organization) in 1980. KSO is a non-commercial, voluntary organization, and it was founded to protect Korean students’ rights and enhance their relationship. Up to 2012, 60 KSO presidents have been elected.

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