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To those dreaming of overseas employmentGachon university’s “United States employment core talent hunt project”; K-move school
Lee Yeon-Ji  |  cocorean23@naver.com
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Updated : 2017.11.15  13:35:03
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 April 23, 2017, M-brain Trend Monitor, global market research professionals, surveyed 1,000 job seekers and office workers across the country. The results showed that 57.6% of respondents answered that they are interested in overseas employment. Based on this data and beyond the Korean job market, there are a lot of students who wish to build their experience by working abroad. For these students, Gachon university is supporting the United States employment through K-move school. ‘K-move school’ is a system that supports training costs, a mentoring service, and a customized education according to a student’s plans to expand their dreams abroad. Our university’s K-move school was approved for the first time this year.
 Students can enter various fields such as fashion, management support, marketing, online marketing, accounting, commerce, personal business, distribution, sales, tourism, engineering QC affiliation, IT, web design, and graphic design. For instance, business administration and economics majors can enter the field of management and marketing. Fashion design majors can be employed in fashion companies like MD or VMD. Possible countries for employment include U.S regions such as New York, New Jersey, California, and San Francisco. Various employment agencies, overseas Koreans, and incorporated enterprises offer support in these areas. The agencies consist of 300 local and resident groups such as Mall tail, Love Culture, CJ, Forever 21, and Pantos.
 The recruitment from March 3 to March 30, has already finished with a total of 20 members selected for the program. Only an associated major with a minor, a dual major, a graduating student, or a graduate can participate. A single major including language, pure science, and social science is limited in the application. The selected students should take a total of 600 hours of class from April 3 to October 20. The class is now in progress at the 7th floor of the Gachon Hall in Gachon university.
 Some of the class contents are digital marketing, business English, writing and speaking, photoshop and illustration, HTML, and web marketing. All the classes are free and if the students take more than half of the whole training time, 300 hours, they can leave early. The expected period of issuing a visa is about two months after contact with foreign companies. The contact number is provided for free until they pass. The overseas experience cost is also free, but the U.S. visa issuance fee of 3.5 million won (12 months standard) must be paid. The training expenses included are 12-month-stay insurance fees, SEVIS $200, issuing costs of DS2019, transmission costs of airplane mail, document charges, and U.S. embassy interviewing fee $150. Also, if the students are successful in getting employed abroad, an additional 2 million won will be given. This only pertains when parents earn less than 6 million won a month. If you need more information, you can call and ask at 010-3525-1131 (Lee In Seock).

 ’11.4%’ - This figure is the domestic youth unemployment rate last April. This is a serious level, which is comparable to the financial crisis in 1997. Therefore, the Korean job market feels like a difficult wall for young people in Korea. How about changing your sights from the intense domestic jobs crunch to the overseas market? Although the recruitment for this year’s program ended, this program will be implemented again in 2018. I hope the students who have dreams of working globally will actively participate next year.

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