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Find your own way by seeking a major that is suitable for you.Opportunity of reselection through the change of major.
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t's been almost a year. Does your major fit well with your aptitude? Have you regretted your choice because your major doesn’t fit your aptitude? If you have regret and think, “this road is not my way”, it is not too late. You just need to find what you really want to learn. Let’s consider changing major to find your way.

 Gachon university receives applications for changing major in May and November every year. The application for the change of major for the first semester 2018 was received from 2017. 11.13 (Mon) to 11.24 (Fri). If you are a student who has been in school over two semesters, you can apply to change your major, however if you have had a leave of absence, you can’t apply. There is no limit on the number of times you change your major at Gachon university, so you can change your major several times. Students with a combined bachelor and master can change major only once.

 The application of change of major is received at office of the college which you belong to. The number of recruitments will be within 50% of the entrance quota for each department. You can get information about the quota of each department in the announcement section. The documents that you must submit include; application form, paper of academic plan and a transcript. Changing your major is permitted if your GPA is over 2.5 so remember to manage your GPA.

 There are several precautions in changing major. First, I’ll introduce cases that limit changing major: 1) Those who entered the department of arts and physical education. 2) Transfer students. 3) Cases when the day-time student wants to transfer to evening time, or vice versa. 4) To change major into department of Early Childhood Education, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Emergency Medical Technology, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Premedical Course, Premedical course of Oriental Medicine and arts and physical. 5) Those who entered through screening for vocational high school student 6) Students including Gachon college of liberal arts & science is excluded from applicant of changing major 7) Students through bachelor and master combined screening are possible only into the department of electrical engineering, chemical & biological engineering, computer engineering and electronic engineering.

 If the change of major is permitted, credits acquired in former department is changed in accordance with the curriculum of transfer department corresponding to your admission year. Liberal arts essential (basic) and liberal arts selection (fusion) subjects are approved as without changing completion division. Required major courses, elective major courses, affiliated liberal arts courses are changed to normal selection in completion division. After permitting the change of major, you pay tuition based on transferred department.

 Until now, we checked the information on the change of major. If you have any questions, please contact the bachelor planning team (Gachon Hall - 1117, 031-750-5046) on the Global Campus and the teaching bachelor team (Gachon Hall 1F, 032-820-4053) on the Medical Campus. Before you decide to change your major, you should consider whether you truly want to learn.

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