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Don’t worry about parking.Regular parking ticket system that alleviates troubles of private car commuters.
Park Sung-Wan  |  yj4442@naver.com
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Updated : 2017.12.15  11:00:32
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Among students in Gachon university, there are those that commute to school by private car. Some of them have special reasons, such as students who combine both study and work, or students who have physical disabilities. In this case, paying a parking fee and using parking lots might burden students. For this reason, Gachon university is implementing a system of regular parking ticket for them in order to relieve student worries.
 This system provides Gachon university students with parking lots available for a low-priced parking fee. This system is implemented every semester. The term for the application is first semester in early March and second semester in early September. The application method is to enter the notice on the Gachon university homepage. After you click on the notice to apply for the student regular parking ticket system, you click on the ‘Apply’ link at the bottom of the notice and fill out the application form. The selection is based on the distance from school to home. However, in the case of disabled students or students who combine both study and work together, they can be selected for the system of regular parking ticket by submitting a letter with their reason and a medical certificate or employment certificate. The number of selected students is limited to around 160. In the first semester it is announced in the middle of March and in the second semester, it is announced in the middle of September. The most important thing is that the monthly parking fee is 20,000won. The information is from the a Gachon university parking management (031-750-5052).
 After being selected as a student for the system, you can purchase regular parking tickets according to the procedure. First of all, the selected students must get a regular ticket from parking management on the first floor at the IT college, and submit a copy of resident registration, a vehicle registration certificate, and a driver’s license to the department of student support. If the vehicle to be enrolled is not your vehicle, you have to submit a vehicle authorization form. Please note that these documents have to be resubmitted by students who have previously used this system. The regular ticket may be revoked for several reasons. First, if a vehicle registered in this system is parked in an undesignated parking lot. You must be parked in the IT college or Vision tower underground parking lot. Second, if your information differs from the actual address and registered address. Third, if you park poorly or drive recklessly on campus. Fourth, if all the submission documents are not submitted, such as copies of resident registration, vehicle registration certificates, driver’s license. Selected students will be disqualified if they fail to comply with the four rules.
 There may be students who are worried about parking on campus because the announcement of this system. For these students, Gachon university offers a chance to pay only 2,000 won per day until they are issued the regular parking ticket when they present their student ID card. In addition, in case of freshmen, they might pay a parking fee of 2,000 won all day by presenting the certificate of registration with ID card. The student regular parking ticket system in the second semester 2017 was implemented by selecting conditioned students in early and middle of September. Because this system is implemented every semester, I hope students who don’t know about this, get the information by reading this article. Also, the students that meet the selection criterion of this system can continue to use this system in the next semester to reduce the parking fee. Especially, disabled students are recommended to utilize this system actively.

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