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Chance isn`t far away, it`s always near to you2017~2018 Gachon GOP (Global Outreach Program) student recruitment
Kim Min-Jae  |  kmjipod8@naver.com
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 When you were high school students you might have frequently heard that ‘you should go to a good university’. In university it changes to, ‘you should get a job’. Nowadays, they are saying you need about 10 qualifications to get a job. One of them is learning a foreign language abroad which takes a lot of preparation and studying. A concerned expert who works in the study abroad industry says, “because of the importance of foreign languages, students are very interested in studying language abroad.” So, they take a leave of absence from university in order to learn a foreign language abroad and better qualify for employment. However, you don`t have to drop-out. Let me introduce a solution; the 2017~2018 Gachon Global Outreach Program (GOP). It helps you to experience learning language abroad without dropping-out of university.
 This program is a new program designed to enhance global competence of students enrolled in our university. It includes two options; a short term (2017 winter vacation) and long term (2018 first semester). Selected students will be sent to an affiliated university during the 2017 winter vacation where they will take language classes for 3 weeks. Their grades will be recognized as the simultaneously when the course finishes. Also, they will get a total exemption of tuition (2018 first semester) and get other scholarship advantages too. However, they must pay class tuition of affiliated university, including dormitory fees and extra charges.
 If you are entering the 2017 second semester you can apply for the program, however, students who are taking a leave of absence from university can’t apply. There are some conditions to remember; first, you must complete the 2017 second semester with more than 12 credits, with an average of more than 2.5, and complete 2 semesters (transfer students complete 1 semester). Also, your TOEIC score should be over 750 or TOEFL IBT over 85 or IELTS over 5.5. There is no grade expiration date and school mock TOEIC, TOEFL grades can be counted. If you are taking an excess semester, you can also apply if this is your last semester. They select a maximum of 20 students. They are sent to Warwickshire university in England.
 The program application period is from October 23 to October 31, and from 9 o`clock to 17 o`clock After this period you can`t register. Medical campus volunteers submit documents to <giet@gachon.ac.kr> before the deadline and Global campus volunteers should submit the documents to the office of international affairs in person before the deadline. The required documents include; application form, passport copy, grades copy, Korean proof of enrollment and transcript, and copy of language transcript. Interviewees are posted on the office for international affairs homepage announcement on November 1, 18 o`clock. The interview is scheduled for November 6 in the morning and successful volunteers are announced November 8, 18 o`clock. For successful volunteers there is an orientation on November 9, 17 o`clock.
 This program has some features. First, you can get credits for the 2017 winter session and 2018 first regular semester. You can get 3 credits for the 2017 winter session if you complete ESL subjects abroad. Also, if you complete the 2018 first regular semester at Warwickshire university, you can get credits for this period too. It`s just when you attend the university`s major classes. The majors that you can attend are listed on the homepage notice. You can make sure your credits up to 18 for your 2018 first semester. Second, is scholarship support. You can get 100% reduction for 2018 first semester`s tuition. In addition, you can get $2,500 for special scholarships deposited to your account before you are sent to Warwickshire university. However, if your 2017 second semester`s grade is lower than 2.5, you won’t qualify for all the scholarship supports and you should pay all of them back.
 This program has some other characteristics. First, you can`t apply for any other programs in progress by the office of international affairs and the Hawaii program, which is run by international language school, unless you give it up before the deadline. Second, you can`t double-apply for the abroad programs which are run by the office of international affairs and international language school. Third, you can`t apply if you are already abroad during the applying period. Fourth, in case you can`t complete the program, you should refund all scholarships. Fifth, if you drop out of the school after the program you should refund all scholarships. Sixth, your final admission is based on Warwickshire university admission policy. Seventh, you might not attend the class that you want abroad because of restrictions related to taking classes. This program starts this summer so not many students know about it. If you are interested, studying language abroad comes truly easy. I hope many students will not ignore this easy chance to like this program and participate in it.

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