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Don't judge a diamond by its sparkle.
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 What’s beautiful, a symbol of love, and the world's most precious jewel is a diamond. Diamond is very pure and clean. We use diamonds to celebrate special day like a wedding or to make ourselves stylish. Then, do you know what a blood diamond is? A diamond that is made up of blood? No. A diamond that looks like a ruby? It is wrong. Can you guess what it is? Let's find out about a blood diamond together.
 Let me start with ‘Africa’. Wild and extensive grounds and the hometown of lions. If you look at the west of Africa you can find 'Sierra Leone'. It is a representative country for the blood diamond. When there were wars between the government and rebel army, the rebels used diamonds to buy guns, bombs and the other weapons they needed to fight against the government. And the diamonds that were used for buying weapons illegally are called 'blood diamonds'. People’s desire to be looked beautiful boosted people to participate in devastating wars that killed millions of civilians. Nowadays, thanks to the UN and the other relief organizations, the amount of blood diamonds has decreased, but there is still a long way to go.
 The reason why its name is BLOOD diamond is because it was used to fund terrible and bloody wars. And during the wars, millions of people were treated horribly and died cruelly. For example, rebels cut innocent people's hands off to stop them from voting FOR the government. In an interview with a man who was a victim of the war in Sierra Leone, he explained how cruel the rebels were by showing his arms without two hands. But I couldn’t stand with watching his hands even a bit. He said that the rebels cut his hands off. What's even more cruel is that they made little boys who were addicted to drugs do the job. There are still traces of the bad wars. Some victims have only one ear, or one leg, or one arm. Some people's heads are half gone and many people couldn't wake up from deep comas. Today in Africa, some little kids are even walking on crutches, not running in the fields or climbing trees and mountains with friends the same age.
 Diamonds are a symbol of love. Diamonds should bring people happiness. They should help the poor people in Africa. But to the African, diamonds are a symbol of death. And they are going the wrong way. They are bringing happiness to the people who use diamonds for the sake of the wars, not to the civilians of Africa. They are bringing death to the people of Africa. How about us? People who buy diamonds to show their love don’t know where the stone originated. But we know now, and we shouldn’t forget about it. We should do more to help the victims of blood diamonds.

 Thank you.

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