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Participate in the start-up programs and earn mileage pointsLet's find out about the start-up scholarship of Gachon University
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 A young start-up business program is being proposed to solve the serious unemployment problem that young people face. It is assumed that young people's adventurous and innovative ideas can create jobs. Under this assumption, the government and universities are trying to support young people to start their own businesses. Gachon University is also operating start-up programs to strengthen students’ ability in the field of starting businesses and implementing support policies. I will introduce the start-up scholarship (start-up mileage) system currently implemented by the Startup Support Team.
 The start-up scholarship was designed to encourage students at Gachon University to participate in the start-up (extra)curricular program. The purpose is to spread the atmosphere of start-up in school and to develop students’ ability to accumulate the knowledge and information for a start-up by encouraging more students to participate in the program. The start-up scholarship sets mileage points for each start-up program. You can earn mileage points, when you join this program. The programs in which you can earn mileage points are largely divided into start-up education, start-up clubs and start-up support programs. First, start-up education is about completing a start-up courses from liberal arts and your major subject or participating in a special class for start-up. Check and apply for the start-up courses which were offered in the first semester of 2018. Second, you can form a start-up club and operate it. You can only earn mileage points as long as your club is registered with the Startup Support Team. Third, start-up support programs are divided into two categories; one is to participate and win a prize in start-up competition inside and outside of school, the other is to participate in start-up camp inside and outside of school. The programs outside of school are restricted to programs conducted by national organizations. However, in the case of a program conducted by a company, the Startup Support Team acknowledge recognition depending on the feature and size of the program. The Startup Support Team doesn’t accept or recognize when you apply for the competition with the same start-up item.

 The start-up scholarship offers scholarships to 80 students who have received the highest mileage points among the students who participated in the start-up programs. The scholarships are offered according to the mileage rank. Mileage ranking 1-10 are offered 1,000,000 won, 11-20 are offered 700,000 won, 21-45 are offered 500,000 won, and 46-80 are offered 300,000 won. If the mileage points are the same, the order of priority is decided according to the program the student participates in. Start-up support programs and practical start-up courses are first ranking, start-up clubs are the second, start-up courses and special classes for start-up are the third. Please note that the order of priority is determined in the above order.
 Only enrolled students are eligible to apply for the start-up scholarship, and students should be enrolled until the awarding scholarship date. To apply for the scholarship, you submit applications, certificate registration and documents proving program participation to the Startup Support Team (Vision Tower Section B154) or send via email to the address which is specified in the notice. Please refer to the list of proving documents in the notice.
 There are many students who worry about their future due to the unemployment problem. Let’s accumulate information and knowledge about start-up through the start-up program, so you can find a new breakthrough in the tough future. I hope that this will be helpful for you to get a scholarship.

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