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Acquisition of certificates and organization of extracurricular activities, is all this possible in WIND?Let’s find out about ‘certificates’ of WIND; Gachon university’s non-subject integrated management system.
Lee Yeon-Ji  |  cocorean23@naver.com
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 Today, a key point for employment is to do various extracurricular activities as well as curricular activities. Gachon University students do many creative activities in this trend, but they have difficulty in managing and proving these activities. So, let’s look into the WIND system and the certificate system, and let’s make the best use of these.
 WIND is divided into three parts: resume, detail of non-subject application, certificate. The resume is comprised of 12 parts such as student’s information, scholarship, current status of certification, qualification, social experience, prize career, and so on.
   If you spontaneously list up the related career for each entry, the department in charge is in control of the student’s career by checking and approving it. In non-education application details, you can easily take care of it because many intramural extracurricular activities are divided into detailed parts. The detail is in the content of non-subject activities, operating period, status of scholarship inclusion, mileage, and related certifications. In the certificate, if students hold qualifications that the university asks such as grade, non-subject activities, a linguistic grade and so on, a badge certificate is granted. Students can obtain a total of 7 badges(certificate) in school. Also, there are four areas of certification by class and three honors program certifications. Among them, let’s review the four areas of certification in detail.
 The certificates class is divided into G-Specialist, which is the highest grade, and include; an intellectual, a practician, and a specialist that are the certified by type. In the authentication, the six mileage points are granted by Gachon Critical Capability based on the program by lower capability and are issued according to language abilities and academic results.
 Gachon Critical Capacity
 There are the main capacities such as vision challenge, citizen of the world, communication, information literacy, problem solving, etc. And there are the inferior capabilities such as self-directed learning, foreign language ability, cooperation, discussion & arbitration, data processing, critical thinking, and the like.
 Academic Results
 The certificates are issued only when the G-Special has an average score of 4.0 or higher, an intelligence rating of 3.8 or higher, and is a practician or expert of 3.5 or higher. At this time, before application of issuing the certificates, only the grade of previous term can be applied. Also, there shall be no disqualification, a subject for giving up the grades, and disciplinary action.
 Language parts
 Students must achieve a certain grade among English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in 1 or more these subjects. For example, TOIEC scores over 900 in English can be obtained for G-Special. And when the score is 850 or higher, you can get the intellectual certificate. Also, you can achieve the practician and specialist certificate if each score is over 800 or 700 points. The score criteria are listed in detail on the WIND site, so let’s refer to it.
 Certification Criteria by Class
 You can achieve G-Specialist if the above three parts are more than G-special. The intellectual certificate is issued when the vision challenge and the citizen of the world among the Gachon Critical Capability are more than 1,000 points, and when foreign language and academic results are the intellectual grade. In addition, if each practician and specialist also satisfies the criteria that are posted on the site, the certificate is issued.
If the subject activities are the norm to judge diligence of the students, the non-subject activities can be the standard to judge the students in many fields such as fused thinking skills and external abilities. Therefore, I hope you can superintend thorough career or achieve the certificates in school by making good use of such WIND program.
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