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Government and NIS, mock the citizen who are the masters of a democratic stateSick democracy
Park Sung-Wan  |  yj4442@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.04.04  21:39:59
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 Everyone in the Korea’s Constitution, Article 1, Section 1, should know, even if you have never studied law. It is ‘The Republic of Korea is a democratic republic’. A democratic republic is a nation whose sovereignty belongs to the people and which conducts politics for the people. But nowadays, I wonder if article which is supposed to be complied should be kept well in Korea. Governments that should work for the people should take control of the media to close their eyes and ears, NIS responsible for the nation's information activities is responsible for the manipulation of events. Documentary films detailing these actual events Criminal Conspiracy, Spy Nation, These two movies are now to be shown.

 1. Criminal Conspiracy
 After producer Choi Seung-ho, a former MBC's current affairs program producer's notebook, was dismissed for leading an MBC strike in 2012, he made a film that puts into the camera the process of Lee Myung-bak’s dominated control of the media by creating a media group ‘Newstapa’. Lee Myung-bak, the president mind to dominate the media. On the day of Lee Myung-bak's inauguration, KBS reported that two ministers in the cabinet made a mistake, The Lee Myung-bak administration illegally dismissed the president of KBS who was appointed by the Roh Moo-hyun government and arrested them on various charges. Lee Myung-bak government begins to dominate kbs to the start of the case. First, the programs that say bad things to the government are over. In addition, Lee Myung-bak government to continually replace the mismatched anchors, progress. After taking control of KBS, he begins to take control of MBC. The former president is forcibly dismissed, and Kim Jae-cheol, the subordinate president of the Lee Myung-bak administration, is appointed. It also disbanded the program for PD's notebook that informed of mad cow disease. Kim Jae-cheol said he would maintain fairness at first, but gradually began to follow the government's orders and unfairly dismissed broadcasting officials as a massive strike broke out. So time passed by, and Lee Myung-bak, president of the term is over, Park Geun-hye is appointed as president. And the event of the Sewol accident that left the Korean people in deep sorrow. Pro-government subordinate ignore reporters ' reports on the scene and commit the atrocity of only publishing government-released material. That is the misconception that the students of Danwon were saved. However, after the KBS president was removed, and the Choi Sang-sil scandal broke out, the media did not seem to have changed as before.

2. Spy Nation
 The film is that shows the process of proving innocence as Seoul government official Yu Woo-sung is prosecuted by the prosecution for evidence of his sister's confession. Yu Woo-sung is prosecuted of handing over 200 North Korean defectors, who he managed, to North Korea after he became a government official in Seoul. At the time, the prosecution and NIS prosecuted Yu Woo-sung for evidence of Yu's sister's confession. However, Yu's sister overturned the existing statement that she was subjected to assault, persecution and intimidation by the NIS through a press conference, which led to Yu's misrepresentation as a spy. In the first court, Yu was not guilty of alleged violation of the National Security Law. However, he was sentenced one year of prion labor and tow year of probation because charges of settlement support and passport law were found guilty. The prosecution appealed and submitted documents of the Chinese government to the appeals court. However, suspicions are raised that the document was fabricated. The court asked China to determine whether it was true or not. As a result, the Chinese Embassy replied that the documents were fabricated, and controversy over the fabrication of evidence spread. However, the prosecution has imposed only a slight punishment on the NIS by indictment the head of the supreme public prosecutors' office and two other NIS employees without imprionment, and one employees is suspended from prosecution. He Supreme Court confirmed the sentence that Yu Woo Sung to one years in prison for two year probation.

 So, things that should not have happened in the democratic republic happened in the Republic of Korea where we live. That is why we, the Korean people, should pay attention to many events, including the two movies, and develop a critical viewpoint. The only medicine that can cure the ailing democracy is the public's interest. I hope that the students of Gachon University will read this article and heal democracy that has been a little sick.

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