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A leave of absence system due to military enlistment during the semesterDon’t worry if your military enlistment is during the semester
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 Because the Republic of Korea is a conscript nation, men in their 20s to 30s have a duty of national defense. Since most university students in Korea are in their early 20s, there are many students subject to military service. The same goes for Gachon University. In your 20s, during the military service period, leave of enlistment, and the return period are added at a young age, quite a lot of time flows. However, it is not easy to enlist as a soldier from December to February, which is the best time for leaving school and returning to school. Also, if the date of service is at the end of June or beginning of December, it may coincide with the final exam schedule during the semester for a few days, eventually requiring another semester, or four months off. So, for those of you who worry about it so much, let me introduce a leave of absence system during the semester due to military service.
 It is a system for applying for a leave of absence after meeting the number of class days requirement of 3/4 days. In case of this year, the first semester is on May 24th, and the second semester is after November 23th. The application period is from the day after you have reached 3/4 class days, to the day the final examination. And there are two types of this system. The first type is that the semester grade is approved and the other type is the semester grade is not approved and lecture records are deleted and the tuition that you paid is carried forward to the returning semester. In case of the first type, you should be careful if your grade from the semester falls to the level where you receive a grade warning(expelled). Also, the grade of all lectures that you take during the semester is accepted. The grades of some subjects are not acceptable. The applicants are those who enlist from May 25 to June 21 for the first semester and from November 24 to December 21 for the second semester with attendance rates of more than 3/4 of your class days. The application method, in case of the first type, is to visit the undergraduate planning team (vision tower B area no. 101) in order to submit or fax copies of a certificate of your grade and notice of enlistment. In case of the second type, submit or fax a copy of certificate to them. After that, you should apply for a leave of absence in the school homepage, academic administration and you should visit there again to submit or fax originals of certificate of grade and notice of enlistment (in case of first type) and an original of certificate of grade (in case of second type). Lastly, there is a precaution. In case of the first type, they have to check approval of grade blank in the notice of enlistment. Otherwise, the grade is not accepted, so be careful. In case of the second type, you should not check approval of grade in the blank. Also, after applying for leaving absences online, originals of notice of enlistment, certificate of grade must be submitted by visiting there within 2 or 3 days. If not submitted, it is automatically cancelled.
 When you were a child, and you talked to a soldier, you might have spoken ‘Mr. Soldier’. However now as an adult, we realize that soldiers are not an uncle but our friends, senior and colleagues, and that enlistment is close for us. I wish students at Gachon University to get information from this article as enlistment is very close to us. Especially, students who don’t want to have any vacancies in their studies, through this system, I hope the students can reduce their vacancies even a little.

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