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A perfect family, they admit Imperfection is the wholeness.Does the perfect really exist?
YeonSun Park  |  errdustjs@naver.com
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o you believe that the concept of 'Perfection' exists? Then what would be the criteria of perfection and who is perfect among your people? Most people believe perfection is stable and admirable and they work hard to become a perfect person. The family in this book is seen by others as perfect. Moreover, they look perfect to each other but they try to hide their flaws from each other.
They seem to be a good family, but they have never shared the real story in their mind. Only Alex, who is the youngest in the family, feels a sense of mystery about his family. Alex considers them strange because they give him only superficial condolence and they don't criticize him. Are they all really perfect people except Alex? The next points are about Alex and what he found out about his family.
PE (Father and Physicist) – PE is the father who always smiles as he goes to his office every morning. He is a physicist at a school where he conducts research in a lab. He comes back at night to his home and has dinner with his family. When the next day comes, he wears a tie and says that he will come back again. One day, Alex follows him and he finds that his father has gone to a cafe and stayed a long time instead of going to his lab at school. In fact, PE quit his job in secret and now wanders the streets.
SETA (Mother and A magazine journalist) - Seta is really mild-mannered and soft towards her husband and kids. She puts hygiene, health and organic farming first. She has elegance and feminine beauty and her hobby is caring about a flower garden. Alex secretly observes the family at midnight in order to find if they are hiding something secretly at night. He finds out that Seta has been secretly smoking at midnight.
DELIA & SILVIA (Alex's older twin sisters) – Delia and Silvia are honor students in school but Alex is not good at studying. Alex gets an F score in math and English. However, he and his sisters always get compliments from school teachers and their parents. One day, Alex hears whispers so he peeps through his sister's door and sees his twin sisters sewing cheat sheet under their skirts. Actually they have always maintained their school life and grade with cheat sheets.

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