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Get off the stale mentoring program! An extraordinary mentoring program is coming!A special mentoring program for college mentors, multicultural students, and North Korean defectors mentee
Kim Gyu-Ri  |  kelly4285@naver.com
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 There are many mentoring programs for college students these days. On campus, there are many cases where seniors and juniors are paired. But the mentoring program I want to introduce this time is very special. It is a program in which college students mentor multicultural students and North Korean defector students (elementary, middle and high school students), helping them adjust to their school life. The mentor also practices sharing by providing the mentee with basic study guidance and career counseling. Now, let's check out more about the program.
 The mentoring program is organized by the Korea Student Aid Foundation. Several universities are participating in the program, and Gachon University is one of them. The applicants must be from Gachon University's Global Campus or Medical Campus and have Korean nationality. Also, the previous semester’s grade results must be higher than ‘C’ (70 out of 100 points) and you should submit a letter of recommendation from one of your professors to Gachon-kwan, room 1115.
 Graduation reservation students, a student of foreign nationality, students on a leave of absence, dropout, graduate school students, early workers, industrial consignment students, part-time students, registrants for Lifelong Education facilities, and national scholarship students, are currently unable to apply for the program. The application for this year has already been closed, but it is an annual program. (You can apply in early April of next year.)
 The institutions include Gwangju Elementary School, Taeseong Elementary School, Misa Gangbyeon High School, and Hanam Management High School. Seongnam area includes Gumi Elementary School, Dandae Elementary School, Sangwon Elementary School, Seongnam High School and Seongbo Management High School. Mentors will be assigned to one of these places and will be active from this April to next January. Although the method of matching a mentor to a mentee is 1 to 1, some mentees who apply have siblings or, if they are friends with each other, match up to three people per mentor. It is also a principle that the matches are the same gender.
 Mentors will provide mentoring such as study guidance (including arts and sports), counseling for career and concern, and special activities. They also help mentees adapt to their school life. Usually, the mentees can be taught the subject they want to learn to improve their basic educational skills, but if they are in the lower grades, they can also be taught basic alphabet or phonics and play board games together.
 This program allows mentees to get a lot of help. However, mentors also benefit from these activities. There is a scholarship for mentors. The mentor will receive a scholarship of 13,000 won per hour (pay per hour) x actual mentoring hours. (However, scholarships are not awarded for activities less than 10 hours per year.) There are a few points of caution. First, times that overlap the academic timetable are not recognized as mentoring activities. Second, it is also not allowed to submit documents related to temporary absence or officially approved leave. Finally, the per-minute activities are not recognized. Scholarships are provided per hour, and group culture experiences activities and pre-training activities of the host universities are included for the maximum activity time of 1 day and week.    Incentives will be provided for distant mentoring.The final successful candidates are required to attend school orientation and mentor training in advance, otherwise mentoring activities are not allowed.
 The application for this program has been closed, but it is an annual program, so I hope many students will apply with interest next year. Through this activity, I also hope to reconsider our perception of multiculturalism and practice the culture of sharing.

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