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“Vita” into “Vision Tower”, “Gariship” into “Gachon Leadership.”Let’s reduce usage of new words and start to use proper language
Lee Na-Hyun  |  skgusrjsdn@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.07.31  14:50:51
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Who? Reporters of the Gachon Herald
When? On 14th May 2018
Where? At Gachon Stardom plaza
What? To test new words and abbreviations
Why? To investigate how many students at Gachon University are exposed to new words and abbreviations.
How? Put a sticker on the bulletin board next to the words you don't know in the lists of new words and abbreviations.

  Neology is a word or a loanword made to express new things. Those words are made for people who use long words for a long time. However, they make it difficult for people to communicate with elders and may have negative effects, such as destroying our native language. As a result of the event, 80 percent of the words presented on the bulletin board were known by 30 students at Gachon University who participated in the event. It showed that students were exposed to neology. Instead of using neology and abbreviations, why don’t you use the word itself?

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