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Rest in Peace, Healing Therapy.It’s for those who want a perfect rest.
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 Even at this moment, there are a lot of people who are spending their time pursuing their own dreams. There are students who are studying for the college scholastic ability test(SAT), and college students who are attending academies to prepare for earning different kinds of certificates, just as a few examples. People in situations like these often are too exhausted even to hang out with the friends and don’t even bother with taking a break. So, to suggest a clear and effective healing therapy to these people, Gachon Herald reporters tried out a healing therapy at the Jiri-mountain Heal Lounge.
 Jiri-mountain heal lounge, what kind of place is it? Jiri-mountain Heal Lounge is located at Jamsil, Seock-chon station Exit 2, in the Science building, third floor. It’s a healing place where we can try a warm temperature experience and drink craft herbal tea made by a tea master. In this place, the ‘Illlite’ is very precious. Here, all of the warming machines in the lounge such as echo dome, healing Pad, an armchair and cushions are all made of Illite. Illite is a Porous Mica Mineral, that was originally that was originally found in the state of Illinois in the USA, in 1937. It’s a natural red clay mineral. Also, other beauty materials are made by Illite, so we can assume that this healing lounge really cares natural substances that are good for our health. If you visit Jiri-mountain Heal Lounge, you can experience warm heat therapy for 30 minutes for 15,000 won and 60 minutes for 30,000 won. This is the rate per person.

 Before starting the experience, we four reporters changed our clothes. After changing, when we came out to the lounge, some Illite Hydrogen reduction potable water was prepared for us. This special healthy water is better than just normal water. While waiting and drinking our healthy water, we took a special health test using their “Ora” machines. This machine can tell you about your current state of general heath and also which of your body’s organs might have some problems. As we put both hands on the test machine and waited for a while, the result came out. If the test paper shows yellow and green light, it means you’re healthy right now, and if it shows purple color that means you’re unhealthy.
 After the health test, we washed our face to prepare for the beauty therapy. After washing out our faces, we put cream on our faces and necks. Then we started a self-massage using ultrasonic massage equipment. Before we started, staff members taught us how to do self-massage. There were also easy to follow instructional pictures. We had to be careful because these machines can get a bit hot. But the warm heat is beneficial for blood circulation. This treatment is beneficial because toxins can collect around the neck’s lymphatic glands. So it’s good if we massage that point. After the massage, used the Illite massage packs that we had selected.

 After using the massage packs, we had a warm flower therapy. If you choose this treatment, you just have to take a rest for 30 minutes or 1 hour in a far-infrared rays wood machine. We all enjoyed good rest by choosing a half course (30 minutes). Warm therapy is a meaningful therapy, suggested by Jiri Heal Lounge. The outside heat of our body is called ‘hollow blood’, and this warm therapy warms up the inside heat of our body. It is different from warming up from the outside. As we get older and older, our body temperature, which is normally 36.5 degree, starts to decrease. Because of this, it’s easy to get a hypothermia and we can lose our body’s natural ability to protect itself. To prevent this, we can warm up the inside heat of our body by using warm therapy and sweat out toxins. One of the staff told us that if our body temperature loses 1 degree, our immunity is lowered by 300%. And if our body heats up by 1 degree, the immunity is increased by 500%.
 After the warm heat therapy, we had the option to take a high frequency abdominal massage. But this is the experience which is usually taken by abdominal obese people, so we didn’t take this course, because it wasn’t necessary for us. After the whole experience, we drank the Jiri special herbal tea as we came out to the lounge. One of our reporters, Park, Woo-Jung, chose Koo Ki Cha tea and Chrysanthemum tea because he couldn’t sleep well and felt lethargic. Another reporter, Shim, Kyu-Han, chose Pork Potato tea and a tea mixed with owls because his stomach was chronically ill, and he had a weak digestion. Kim, Kyu-Ri chose the 6 year Do Ra Ji tea because her trachea and lungs were weak, and her basic vitality was lowest among the reporters. I took a Gu Ki Cha tea because I had a bad blood circulation and Aquariumia.
 After drinking our teas, we took another health test for the last time. This is the procedure where we could check our changed condition immediately. Surprisingly, we were able to notice immediate changes even in this short time. Park, Woo-Jung gained vitality, and Shim, Kyu-Han test color changed from blue to bright yellow color. Also, his overall digestion received a better score. This writer’s result on the test paper showed that I was in the process of improving, but unfortunately, Kim, Kyu-Ri didn’t see a dramatic change.

 Regardless of the results, all of us had an excellent opinion of the experience. Park, Woo-Jung said that Ora health test machine was so amazing because that test machine showed his sleep deficiency from the last two weeks and his irregular eating pattern exactly. And he said the tea tasted very clean and was easy to drink without any pressure, so he wanted to buy it. Shim, Kyu-Han said this kind of experience was so fresh and useful. He realized that he has to take care of his health from now on even when he is still young. Kim, Kyu-Ri said it felt really good to feel the toxins being sweated out of her body. She also realized that even if you appear to be healthy you still might have some problems that need taking care of.
 If you are really busy and have a hectic schedule of rushing around, you will definitely be tired at night. But if you have a real healing therapy just once, you can feel like that you’re already in heaven even if you’re not have a big money on an overseas trip. If you get bored of your typical daily routine or get tired from lots of stress and hard work, how about experiencing a healing therapy which is tailored to your own body?

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