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If You Endure, You Will Be SomethingIt’s okay not to be great; It’s okay to dilly-dally
Sim Kyu-Han  |  rbgks0103@naver.com
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 Some people work hard every day to achieve their future dream, but others feel less confident about themselves and are full of anxiety about the future. The question ‘Am I doing well?’ revolves in their heads and they sigh deeply contemplating a gloomy future. For those who feel this way, I would like to recommend Kim Jung-hyuk's book of essay, ‘It’ll Be Something’

 ‘It’ll Be Something’ is filled with the writer’s unique view of life and cheerful jokes. At times, the style of this book may seem light-hearted and shallow but when you read it, you will feel warm and comfortable. Sometimes light, pleasant jokes and small anecdotes can be supportive and provide more comfort than heavy and solemn advice. In this article, I’ll introduce an example of one of the pleasant and warm essays contained in this book.

 “'Talent’ seems to occur, (if you’re not a genius) after learning to endure the fear of becoming someone else’s baggage and that time will blindly pass me by. That’s alright, if I endure this moment of doubt, I’ll develop talent and become something.”
 This is an example of a paragraph from one of the author’s essay. Although he is now a successful writer who has consistently been published. he also had a ‘beginning’ and a fear about his future. His beginning as a writer was also quite sketchy. Until high school, he didn’t have a dream and he just had a vague idea about having a career that involved writing. It took him a long time to begin to write well, and it took him some time to realize that. He worried that he didn’t have enough talent and was afraid that he could not be anything. While he was studying the works of other authors, he began to worry that he was spending too much time puttering around or wasting time while other people worked. Sometimes he was distressed and felt like a loser. Ultimately, However, that time was not meaningless. He changed and developed while trying to write a novel, and, in the end, he finally became a novelist. Reflecting on this, he decided to be more forgiving of himself. His time wasn’t squandered or wasted. The lonely moments that he endured became the firm foundation for his present.

 It’s okay to sometimes feel skeptical or frustrated about what you are doing. Just don’t be discouraged when those moments arrive. Think again about the path you have walked up to this point. You may feel like you have wasted your time, but was the time you spent so far really meaningless? Like the time that the writer felt was wasted despite being on his way to becoming a great novelist, we hope that the time we spend will also bear fruit. So, let’s take a load off our shoulders and move forward step-by-step.

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